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Gregory Deva 60 Backpack at Mountain Equipment Co-Op

January 30, 2010
Gregory Deva 60 Backpack
(Last Updated On: June 10, 2018)

In order to prepare for my upcoming trip to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,  I purchased a new back-pack at Mountain Equipment Co-op. Called the Gregory Deva 60 Backpack, it’s a pack designed specifically for women. It comes highly recommended by those within the backpacking world.

A review from a hiking blog:

The Good:

  • It is truly a women’s specific design. It has a curved waistbelt that molds to my hips, so weight is distributed perfectly. Plus, the shoulder straps are contoured, and designed so weight doesn’t fall on the tops of the shoulders.
  • It is very easy to keep organized. There is a separate sleeping bag compartment at the bottom, where I stuff my Marmot Teton sleeping bag (inside a compression sack). There are side pockets, waistbelt pockets (I keep my camera in one and chapstick and sunscreen in the other), and a pocket on the rear of the pack where I keep snacks. Unlike most top loading backpacks where gear can sometimes be hard to reach, because of the quick open zipper I can access items that are in the middle of my pack.
  • It is highly durable. I’ve used mine hiking through rocky areas and in the snow, I’ve filled it to the max and then some, and I have yet to have any issues with the material wearing out or zippers busting.

The Not So Good:

  • Heavy pack weight. The pack weighs 5.5 pounds empty. However, I’ve stuffed my Gregory Deva with 40+ pounds and it is still comfortable (the max for the 60L bag is 50 pounds, and I’d likely fall over with that much weight!) For me the additional comfort is well worth it!
  • Price! But as they say, you get what you pay for. I consider my pack to be an investment.

Priced at $271 Canadian at Mountain Equipment Co-op, I too consider it an expensive but worthwhile purchase.

I also picked up a really handy black bag to cover and protect the backpack whenever I have to check my luggage at the airport. It helps keep your pack from getting wrecked by careless airport employees who toss around your luggage like bags of garbage and helps keep the straps from getting ripped and caught in conveyor belts.

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