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McDonalds Around The World: Budapest, Hungary.

November 10, 2011
A McDonalds in Budapest
(Last Updated On: November 11, 2011)

McDonalds Around The World

I don’t really consider myself a “foodie” but I do admit that I like to indulge in a meal at a nice restaurant (or two, or three) whenever I travel. About a year ago, I told a funny tale of how I came to visit a McDonalds in Italy.

While I think it was a cute and funny story, for some reason I felt compelled to convince everyone that I really liked good food and described how I’d had spent a portion of my holidays in Italy on a cooking, wine and sight seeing tour with Culture Discovery. You discover at the end of the story, I never actually ate at the McDonalds and only entered in order to use the toilet.

Forgive Me Foodies, For I Have Sinned

Now time for another “shocking” confession from this self professed “bad girl“.

I usually eat at McDonalds whenever I travel.

Ohhh nooo! As I typed this statement, I half expected that an almighty foodie god in the sky would throw down a giant bolt of lighting to strike me down for my outrageous transgressions.

Seriously though, who really cares? It’s not like I’m killing anyone .

Except yourself!” a health nut would shriek.

Except an adorable cow named Besty!” a hard-core vegan would roar as they watched me scarf down a Big Mac.

Cows Grazing
Hailing from the Dairy Capital of Canada, as a young child I was convinced that brown cows actually produced chocolate milk and for this reason I thought cows were completey cool. Then I moved to the East Coast of Canada where I spent my high school years living next to a cow named Betsy and guess what? She wasn’t cute and worst of all, I had to clean up the “presents” she left on our lawn whenever she charged through our fence to come chew on the grass.

And I’m pretty sure that McDonalds doesn’t use real beef anyway. So shoot me for liking their “100% Real Beef” and indulging in some terribly unhealthy processed food from time-to-time.

The Times, They Are A Changing

A year has passed since that last post and I’m a changed woman. My style of travel is completely different and my way is living is too. Instead of staying at fancy hotels and taking cabs everywhere, I stay at hostels and take public transit. Where I once occupied a loft in a trendy Toronto neighborhood filled with too many possessions, I’ve since sold everything I own and moved to Berlin, where I share a flat someone and sleep on a futon. It’s actually a step up from the couch I slept on the first 5 months I lived here!

So although I still dig the whole fine dining thing, I can’t afford to eat this way every single time I have a meal when traveling. This is where McDonalds enters the picture.

McDonalds In Budapest

So when you’re looking for where to eat or a restaurant in Budapest, stop at a McDonalds where you still feel like you’re a patron of a swanky 5-star dining establishment. Seriously, isn’t this the nicest one you’ve ever seen?

A McDonalds in Budapest

Why would a budget traveler type like me (or you) eat at a McDonalds in Budapest (and in Barcelona and Milan too)?

  1. The most obvious reason? It’s super cheap.
  2. There’s free wi-fi! Travel blogging me was able to email updates to family and friends, jump on Twitter, update Facebook and check in on Four Square.
  3. To use the public toilet/WC/washroom (or whatever you’d like to call it).
  4. To take a break and rest my tired feet. I’ve mentioned over and over again how I love to walk through cities and Budapest was no exception.
  5. To escape the elements. Even though it was September, the 30 degree Celsius weather made it feel like it was July and it was nice to get some unnaturally cold AC chills.
  6. You can still order a healthy meal and make “friends with salad“.

As you usually need to buy something in order to use the wi-fi and/or the toilet, I bought this cappuccino decorated in a very pretty way …

A McDonalds in Budapest
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