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Travel Europe with Europ Auto

July 17, 2015
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Travel Europe with Europ Auto. As a Canadian, I grew up with dreams of travelling to Europe. Sadly, I never made it until about 5 years ago and as you know already, I fell in love, and moved to Berlin 9 months later.

Now that I’m here, I plan to explore every nook and cranny of the continent, even if it takes me the rest of my life. To date, I’ve visited 20 countries including the likes of Spain, Portugal, Poland, Croatia, and Bulgaria.

When thinking about my travels, I realised that I’ve always travelled by train or plane and almost, never by car.

Except for once, when I travelled to Hamburg for the weekend with a guy I was seeing and had one of the most thrilling moments of my life when he let me drive home. I achieved a bucket list dream when I drove down the Autobahn, channelled my inner speed demon, and hit speeds up to 210 KMs per hour!

It got me to thinking how much fun it would be to take a road trip to see other parts of Germany. As I don’t own a car, I started researching car rental options in Europe.

Travel Europe with Europ Auto

Classic Fiat in Otranto Italy

Europ Auto is definitely one of the top car rental options out there for Canadians.

They offer a buy back plan (see the Europ Auto buy back section) on brand new Peugot models, which gives you a brand new car, and all the warranties that come along with it for your European roadtrip.

Consider the many advantages to booking a car hire through the Europ Auto website:

1) You get a brand new Peugot car from dealer inventory that has never been driven by anyone else before.

2) You can choose from a large selection of cars like sports cars, eco-friendly cars, and even minivans.

3) You can drive your rental car through 40 different countries within Europe.

4) Anyone with a valid driver’s license over age 18 can rent a car from Europ Auto.

5) Renting a car for more than 17 days actually ends up being cheaper than renting a car from a regular car service.

6) The price of the rental includes everything like 24/7 roadside assistance, insurance with no deductibles, and even unlimited mileage.

7) Europ Auto is a small car rental service and you’ll be provided with personal and friendly customer service.

8) The leasing contract includes a warranty that protects you from certain legal liabilities. See here for more detailed insurance information.

Book your road trip with Europ Auto now!

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* Disclosure – This post was done in partnership with EuropAuto.

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