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The Donald Trump Protest in Berlin

November 13, 2016
Donald Trump Protest in Berlin I Stand With Love
(Last Updated On: January 4, 2018)

Donald Trump Protest in Berlin 

On Tuesday night, I went to bed feeling a sense of dread. What would the world look like in the morning? Was Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton destined to become the next President of the United States? My sleep was a fitful one, as I kept waking up to see the results as they poured in. Clinton took one state, then Trump another. The race was way closer than I expected. I felt sick and thought “Fuck, no. He could really win this thing.” 

I woke up and reluctantly checked my phone to find out that indeed Donald Trump had become the President elect. I cried as I got ready for work, while I sat on the S-Bahn on the way to work, and at other points throughout the day.

I’m an unabashedly proud Canadian with a tremendously handsome (sometimes shirtless), intelligent, well educated, left leaning, forward thinking Prime Minister, so why would the American election trouble me so much?  

Well, how could it not? My emotional ordeal was nothing compared to that of my American friends who didn’t vote for Trump and had to come to a painful realization that many people did and then try to understand just why and how this had come to fruition.

Yet still, I wept because so many people voted for a man who’s openly been sexist, racist, homophobic, and more. I naively thought “Don’t we know better than this? Haven’t we learned?” I felt genuine fear for my friends and countless others who’ll be at risk and genuinely suffer from a term under Donald Trump. I further thought, how would I survive as an American citizen under his leadership, as an ardent LBGT supporter and refugee volunteer?

Even worse, I wondered how Donald Trump as President will impact the rest of the world and where will it bring us? Surely, not forward.

Donald Trump Protest in Berlin 

Berlin’s pretty far away from the United States, but we’ve plenty of American expats living here. We’re also a liberal city that loves protesting anything and everything (anyone remember the Occupy Berlin protest?), so it was only natural that someone would stage an anti Trump rally! 

When I saw that there were not one, but two anti Trump protests scheduled, Pussy Grabs Back and Trump Protest Berlin, I knew I had to join one of them to voice my discontent with America’s new leadership and show my solidarity with Americans for a better country. I attended the latter one at Brandenburger Tor, just outside the American embassy. 

Donald Trump Protest in Berlin I Stand With Love

The message of this peaceful, Donald Trump protest in Berlin was simple:

We need to build a peaceful movement to show the world that we [Americans in Berlin, Germans, Europeans, and other nationalities] will will not tolerate the injustice, intolerance, hate, and inequality that Trump embodies!

Donald Trump is the next president of the United States. We must immediately stand up against his xenophobic, Islamophobic, misogynistic,racist and sexist behavior, which does not promote equality.

We want to send a sign of international solidarity. Let’s use our power of international relations to stand up for the civil rights and democratic values of our friends who will be most affected by Trump’s presidency (i.e. women, African Americans, Muslims, the LGBTQ community, the poor, victims of sexual assault, and other marginalized groups). In times of increasing xenophobia across our own country and Europe, we need to also do our best to prevent equivalent actions which promote hate, intolerance, and violence against marginalized individuals. 

The messages to Donald Trump from Berliners were loud and clear:

Donald Trump Protest in Berlin American Pride Flag

Donald Trump Protest in Berlin Germany

Donald Trump Protest in Berlin This Pussy Grabs Back

Donald Trump Protest in Berlin Love Trumps Hate

Donald Trump Protest in Berlin Love Trumps Hate

Donald Trump Protest in Berlin Hands too Small to Build a Wall

Donald Trump Protest in Berlin Be the Change You Want to See in the World

Donald Trump Protest in Berlin Not my Fucking President

Donald Trump Protest in Berlin Brandenburger Tor

Donald Trump Protest in Berlin Pride at Brandenburger Tor
The Donald Trump Protest in Berlin? Is it ineffectual to protest the democratically elected Donald Trump all the way from Germany? Maybe so, but at least we can share our goodwill and show solidarity with those affected, and more importantly send a strong signal that homophobia, sexism, and racism are not acceptable and won’t be tolerated.

Recommended? Reading “We spoke to people at an Anti-Trump protest in Berlin” and watching this video from the often not recommended RT. You can spot me; I’m wearing the pink sparkly hat! 

Although “Marry a Canadian” trended on Twitter this week and the Canadian immigration website crashed in wake of the election results, perhaps you should consider Germany as your next home. Affordable healthcare, childcare, and university are among the top reasons to live in Germany.

For more information, read this how to move to Germany guide and browse through my Berlin guide to find advice about why you need to learn German in Berlin, how to find a job in Berlin, and more.

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The Donald Trump Protest Berlin

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