Weekend Guides

Weekend Guides at cherylhowardcom

Weekend Guides

A lot of people read this blog so they can follow my travel and expat life adventures. This blog has been around for about eight years and as I’ve said a number of times, I still it amazing that you’re here reading. 

As many of you are specifically interested in exactly how I travel, I’ve added a new installment to cherylhoward.com called “A Weekend Guide to <destination> – If You Were Me.

Weekend Guides

These weekend guides will feature where I slept, where I ate, what I did, and plenty of other helpful travel tips. I’ll bring you to mainstream tourist attractions, as well as off the beaten path ones like the Hands Sculpture in the Venice Grand Canal

Even though I travel a lot and sometimes professionally (whatever that means), you may be shocked and hopefully delighted to discover that I am often a hot mess and make a lot of “rookie mistakes” when I travel. I often arrive at a place only to find it closed, almost missed flights on numerous occasions, was robbed in Barcelona, and even left my camera in an airport shuttle once. As I’m a social butterfly able to converse with anyone from anywhere, I find myself chatting up complete strangers – usually locals and sometimes find myself getting involved in some pretty strange situations. As such, I aim to entertain you with my numerous travel fails and hilarious stories from people I meet along the way. 

In addition to being a disastrous traveller, I’m all over to the place when it comes to where I sleep. I book hostels when I’m feeling more social or visiting an expensive city like Venice or more sexier locales when touring through Eastern Europe where my hard earned Euros can go a long way.  From an art hotel in Nis, to an Airbnb with a hot tub in Bucharest, to a hostel in Vilnius that hands out ear plugs to help ward off sounds from the nightclub, and even more swanky digs like the Radisson Red in Brussels

My inconsistency ways continue to what I do over any given weekend. I tend to walk for hours and take photos, sometimes skip big tourist attractions altogether like I did when in Paris last year, while other times I partake in food or street art tours, or hunt down hip spots to create mini guides about cool things to do in cities like Riga.

This page will only grow over time and continually be updated to includes new destinations. Stay tuned for weekend guide to Budapest, Bucharest, and Venice.





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