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The Rio Diaries – Preparation Continues

March 3, 2010
(Last Updated On: October 14, 2012)
I am swamped! Work is pure insanity and personal things also take up my time. My daily lunch  involves me doing stuff related to my vacation, pending house sale, and moving into my new rental apartment.

Last week, I dropped off my application for a Visa to the Brazilian consulate – get to pick up next week. Also arranged for my vet to take care of my cat while I am away.

This week, I purchased travel insurance, a few pairs of cheap sunglasses, and a cell phone.

Why cheap sunglasses? Well, Rio de Janiero is a dangerous city where locals love to pluck tourists of their valuables. Advice from travel books and people I have spoken with is to not bring any fancy purses, wear flashy jewellery, brand name sunglasses etc. I have heard tales of children armed with daggers, people are known swarm you, and even rip earrings right off your ears! Ouch. I bought 3 pairs of sunglasses at Forever 21 for $5 each. If I am mugged, I will gladly hand over my cheap sunglasses. Steal away little children, steal away.

Why a cell phone? For reasons described above, I am certainly not bringing my Blackberry. Also, I do not want to pay Rogers ridiculously high-priced roaming fees. So, I purchased a very cheap unlocked GSM phone form Tiger Direct. I’ll put my SIM card in the phone and text friends/family daily to advise whether or not I am alive and kicking. I can also use the cell phone in case of emergency. Another pro, I can use the phone when I am home for back-up purposes should be Blackberry die or have to be sent in for repair. It’s a temperamental little beast, so I can see that actually happening.

More to do still before I go!  Can’t wait until I am there. Pictures of beaches and mountains now dance in my head!

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