Argentina, Igaussu Falls, South America

The Argentinian Diaries – Day 2

March 30, 2010
(Last Updated On: October 14, 2012)

The adventure began today. I woke up early to meet with my tour group and we started off our day by touring the Brazilian side of Iguassu Falls.

It was AMAZING! It is hard to describe in words just how wonderful it was to behold such a thing of beauty and to experience it’s power.

The trail is about 1 KM long and offers fantastic panoramic views. As you draw closer and closer to the falls you start to get a little wet and once there, they actually have a bridge that you can walk out on so it feels like you are in the middle of them.

As you start walking out further and further on the bridge you get soaked and can barely see as its so windy and wet. It was so cool to be standing there looking at the power of beauty of the waterfalls! One of the most joyous experiences that I have ever had.

We went to a bird park/sanctuary next. While some of the animals are in cages, there are sections where you can get ‘up close and personal’ with toucans, parrots, butterflies etc. I have a picture with a parrot on my shoulder! You could also pose for a photo with a baby boa constrictor but I opted out. Snakes scare me. 🙂

Later that evening, I went into town to have dinner. I found a much nicer restaurant and enjoyed some Argentinian wine with a beef dish. I then did a little shopping at some of the cute stores along the street. All in all, a very pleasurable way to end a great great great day.

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