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The Argentinian Diaries – Day 3

April 1, 2010
(Last Updated On: October 14, 2012)

Yesterday marked my third day in Argentina and what a lovely day it was!

This day involved touring the Argentinian side of Iguassu Falls. We started the day really early to avoid the crowds – apparently a lot of people from Brazil come here to enjoy themselves every Easter.  Apparently, there’s some great shopping in Paraguay – a country which I will unfortunately not be able to visit.

We were lucky and I mean really lucky to get into the park. Striking workers blocked the entrance about 10 minutes after we entered and prevented any other tourists from entering. I felt really bad for them but at the same time, we had the park to ourselves which was great.

Started off by taking a little train to our main destination. Next, we walked on a 2 KM bridge built over the water until we came to the falls at a place called Devils Throat. Another spectacular site to behold. Again, I took about 30,000 photos. 🙂

We walked back and took the train to another station – there’s actually 3 in the park.  We boarded a jeep that drove us 8 KM into the  jungle. Not much to see except trees, but there are over 50,000 hectares of beautifully protected jungle. It is home to thousands of different types of plants and animals – even jaguars and pumas. Didn’t see any though! Darn.

The jeep dropped us off and we boarded a giant speed boat. Picture a really big zodiac. It takes you along the river where you can gaze at the cliffs, the jungle greenery, and then of course the falls themselves. The driver stopped to allow everyone to take pictures and then took us in – he actually drove the boat right under the falls. It was so awesome! I screamed and cheered the whole time.  Someone from the tour company recorded our little experience, so I purchased the DVD, I cant wait to get home and watch it. I am sure I look silly, but who cares?

The walk continued where we could view more of the falls. We then headed back to the station to get out of our really wet clothes and have lunch. We were stranded in the park until the the striking workers unblocked the gates. After about 2 hours we were able to leave.

It turned out to be nice actually. Those from our tour group all sat around and got to know one another.  One British couple told a funny tale of how when they went to Bolivia, the country had just passed a new law to ban drunk driving. Apparently, the residents of Bolivia like to drink and drive so much that they went on strike over it! How insane is that?

Another lovely thing about visiting the falls –  in the jungle we saw butterflies of every imaginable color. So beautiful! They would land on you without any hesitation. We watched as groups of white, orange, and yellow mariposas would fly together and when they landed, they would sort themselves by color. Amazing to watch!

My skin is in bad shape, as I got pretty badly sunburned. My sporty tank top is now etched into my skin like a lovely pasty white and angry red uniform. I also got stung by a bee and received several bug bites.I look very pretty right about now!

Later that night some members of the group got together for dinner at a very lovely restaurant called Aqua. Delicious food, good wine, great company.

Another excellent day to go down in the books. I’m a little sad to leave here but do look forward to returning to Rio de Janeiro.

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