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Prague Photos: 41 Pictures That Prove It’s the Prettiest City in Europe

February 12, 2016
Prague Photos - Raining Umbrella
(Last Updated On: May 27, 2018)

Prague Photos: These 41 Pictures Prove it’s the Prettiest City in Europe

Prague’s always been a special place for me. Years ago, while walking along an unusually empty Charles Bridge on a snow-filled night close to Christmas, I made a decision that changed my life. I decided then and there, that I wanted to live in Europe. I didn’t know where, I didn’t know when, but I was very determined to make it happen.

Six months later, I moved to Berlin, and the rest was history!

Prague Photos

After moving back to Berlin for the second (and hopefully last time), I knew another visit to Prague was in order. Best of all, I’d be spending a long weekend with Canadian friends and getting to know the city from a local’s perspective.

Prague is popular for a reason. Sure, people come for the weird and wonderful. Brits like to come for cheap beer and stag parties. Backpackers make Prague part of their gap-year pilgrimage. But most of us come, because it’s an extraordinarily pretty city and perhaps, the most prettiest city in Europe.

These 41 photos prove Prague’s the prettiest city in Europe and are also a love letter in tribute to the city that had such a profound impact on me.

Prague Photos: Classic Views

According to my Canuck friends Geoff and Katie, Riegrovy Sady Park offers one of the best views over Prague. Imagine what this must look like at sunrise or sunset!

Tip – there’s a restaurant and beer garden in the park, so stop, have a beer, and enjoy that view.

Prague Photos - View over Prague City from Park
Another classic view in Prague is close to the Charles Bridge, along the Vltava waterfront (see Google Maps for the exact location).

Prague Photos - River with Swans
During high season, this is what get when you walk along the Gothic styled Charles Bridge. There’s tourists, as well as vendors hawking their wares, as far as the eye can see.

Tip – Visit Charles Bridge early in the morning or even better, at sunrise. There will be far less people and the light will be beautiful.

Prague Photos - Charles Bridge TouristsPrague Photos - Tourist Trap Charles Bridge
Looking out from the Charles Bridge, you’ll see lots of tour boats and examples of the city’s typical Baroque, Gothic, and Art Nouveau architecture.

Prague Photos - View Over River from Charles Bridge
Peaking out at Prague’s Old Town from under my travel themed umbrella.

Prague Photos - Raining Umbrella
Strolling through the crowds in Old Town.

Prague Photos - Old Town and Tourists
Not far from Charles Bridge is St. Salvator Church.

Prague Photos - Old Town
Near Old Town Square is the city’s famous astronomical clock and dual spired, Church of Our Lady Before Týn.

Prague Photos - Old Town SquarePrague Photos - Old Town Square ViewsPrague Photos - Old Town Square Rainy Day
The ever dreamy, Prague Castle off into the distance and handful of tourists taking pedalboat rides. For more of Prague Castle, see my photo essay featuring Prague Castle in winter.

Prague Photos - Castle and Boats
Another classic view of Prague from along the Vltava.

Prague Photos - Boat and River
I don’t remember the exact street where I stopped to take this photo. The spires of St. Vitus Cathedral beckon from a distance.

Prague Photos - Streets Leading to Castle
The Dancing House, designed in part by Frank Gehry, rests alongside the Vltava river.

Prague Photos - Dancing House

Prague Photos: Street Scenes

Walking along random streets in some residential areas of Prague.

Prague Photo - Quiet Residential StreetPrague Photos - Street Views
The rain in Prague only made for prettier photos.

Prague Photos - Tourist n Rain
Prague, through the veil of a bubble.

Prague Photos - Blowing Bubbles
When Katie and I were walking around taking Prague photos, we came across a narrow alley that led to a hidden restaurant. Curiously, this small army of colourful watering cans lined one of walls.

Prague Photos - Watering Cans
Sometimes, it’s all about the details, like this window open decorated with pots of flowers.

Prague Photos - Lone Window
Love or hate them, love locks hang on the Čertovka pedestrian bridge.

Prague Photos - Love Locks
Not far from the love locks, is the John Lennon Wall, where tourists flock to have Tinder profile pictures of themselves taken with street art.

Prague Photos - John Lennon Wall
I really loved coming across this non-profit brick project in Prague, where you could buy and paint a brick to help handicapped people live better lives.

Prague Photos - Brick Project
Cool reflections from the glass facade of this building.

Prague Photos - Reflections on Glass Facade
Men walking outside the National Theatre.

Prague Photos - Men Walking

Prague Photos: Cafes

I made a coffee stop at one of my favourite places in Prague, the Cubist designed Cafe Grand Orient.

Prague Photos - Grand Cafe Orient

Prague Photos: People

I had a great time taking photos of people in Prague, whether it be girls walking around with floral wreaths in their hair, some taking street fashion photos, or just randomly posing.

Prague Photos - Girls With Flowers in HairPrague Photos - Posing on the StreetsPrague Photos - Photographer and ModelsPrague Photos - Tourist Pose
Then there was this guy. I’m not quite sure what’s happening here.

Prague Photos - Pretend Asian Guy
Prague Photos: Transportation

Not only was it fun to take snaps of the trams darting this way and that around Prague, it was fun riding them.

Prague Photos - Red TramPrague Photos - Tram ViewsPrague Photos - Tram
A lot of tourists book city tours in old classic cars, and I was especially delighted to spy the “Sheepist” sticker art, which I also saw when on an alternative tour in Budapest.

Prague Photos - The Sheepist Street ArtPrague Photos - Classic Car with Tourists
Prague’s metro system is beautiful, as is this escalator, which is one of the longest in Europe.

Prague Photos - Long Escalator for Underground Transit

Prague Photos: Prague by Night

European cities like Vienna, Budapest, and Krakow are stunning by night, and Prague is of course, no exception.

Prague Photos - Castle at NightPrague Photos - By the River at Night
Prague Photos - Dancing House at Night

Good to Know

Looking for more inspiration about what to do in Prague?

1) Treat yourself to a spa treatment and take a beer bath like I did.

2) Be all cultural and stuff by exploring Cubism at the House of the Black Madonna.

3) Visit the Museum of Torture if you think your stomach can handle seeing some pretty dark things.

4) Explore the massive complex of Prague Castle, which is especially pretty on a snowy day!

5) If you’re visiting over Christmas, hang out at one of the Christmas Markets in Wenceslas Square or Old Town Square.

6) For more Prague photos, jump over to Buzzfeed. Or check these photos of Prague in winter

7) If you’re travelling on a budget, consider these 10 Best Hostels In Prague.

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  • Reply Marie @ To Europe And Beyond February 12, 2016 at 9:12 pm

    The before-to-last photo is stunning Cheryl, great work!

    • Reply Cheryl Howard February 13, 2016 at 12:14 pm

      Thank you so much! That’s a favourite of mine as well. 🙂

  • Reply kami February 17, 2016 at 9:19 am

    Prague IS the prettiest city in Europe! Glad you showed also some random pictures of streets, trams etc, not just the tourist attractions. The city has to offer so much and basically everywhere you go it’s just beautiful!

    • Reply Cheryl Howard February 17, 2016 at 8:11 pm

      Thanks Kami! I couldn’t agree more. I need to get back again soon.

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