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Book Review: Life Outside the Cubicle

June 12, 2016
Jen Seymour in Costa Rica
(Last Updated On: June 23, 2018)

Life Outside the Cubicle

When I interviewed Jen Beck Seymour for the blog’s ongoing expat living interview series back in September 2014, never did I think I’d end up as a feature in a book that she’d later write.

Jen Seymour in Costa Rica
Jen and her husband are Americans who quit their jobs (actually retiring early) to start fresh in another country. They left behind their lucrative, but soul draining, corporate jobs to live a simpler, more balanced, and fulfilling life in an entirely new part of the world, Costa Rica.

Since moving there, Jen started a blog, Costa Rica Chica, where she highlights things to do and see in Costa Rica, discusses expat life, advocates early retirement, showcases local recipes, and even sells jewellery.

Book Review: Life Outside the Cubicle

She’s also authored a number of books, including her most recent one, Life Outside the Cubicle. In this book, Jen writes about her former life in the United States and how it seemed like she had it all. She was, in fact, deeply unhappy, so when her husband experienced a serious health scare, they decided to take the plunge and move to Costa Rica.

As Jen’s move abroad led her to such happiness, she’s not only eager to share her learnings with the world but others as well. Jen profiles eight people who she considers inspirational, and I’m one of them!

You’ll find me in Chapter 8 of Life Outside the Cubicle, where I discuss in detail my former unhappy life, what led me to move to Berlin, my frequent travel, and life in Berlin — including our growing Make Friends in Berlin community.

I’m obviously biased when recommending this book, but check what others on Amazon are saying, as the reviews are absolutely glowing:

 1) I simply loved this book because of a combination of excellent writing & the idea being so close to my heart. I have always been wondering about the corporate rat race we all get trapped into and while we may create a pile of wealth over time, and may hold our chest high to people around us highlighting all the success, inside us we feel so shallow, with a perpetual sadness of not spending the time the way our inner selves would have liked us to spend. This book addresses the topic so brilliantly. There are no better ways to learn about things than from people who’ve done it. Jen interviews a number of such people in this book. It opens up our eyes that how much a wrong direction we all have taken by being fully immersed in the corporate race, and how unwilling we are to try and come out of it. Anyone with a feeling of freedom & spirituality would love this book.


2) Have you ever stopped to take a look at what your life has become and wondered “how did I end up HERE? Have you pondered what it would be like to pack up and start a new life somewhere far away? Did the doubts all too quickly begin to invade your dream… I’m too shy. I don’t speak a foreign language. I’m an accountant!

Then this book is for you. Jen shares the story of her own transition with her husband Greg, to a new life in Costa Rica. She also shares interviews with writers, artists AND an accountant who have done the same. Stories of hard work, tenacity, passion, living more fully with fewer possessions and having fun, from The Netherlands (for those of you who like cold, grey weather) to the beaches of Costa Rica. When asked the question “are you happy with the life you have now?”, the resounding answer “Hell yes!” just might be the spark you need to start exploring your own life change. Unless you love your cubicle. Do you? You’ve only got one life… Live it!

— Sean McNally

If you’re interested in reading more about me and, of course, the seven other inspirational individuals she interviewed, you can buy Life Outside the Cubicle on AmazonThe ebook’s $2.99 USD, and the paperback’s $9.99 USD.

I’ll end with a big thanks to Jen for featuring me in the book. I’m beyond flattered and consider myself fortunate to be alongside other people who’re leading such amazing lives.

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