A Bike Tour Through Central Park

Last weekend, I visited New York City for the very first time. When I thought about what I wanted to do while there, I knew a visit to Central Park was in order. After reading about it and seeing it in countless TV shows and movies, I had always dreamed of going there.

Unfortunately, I was only in the city for 2 days. There were a lot of sites I wanted to see, so I didn’t really have time to spend lounging about in the park. I wondered how I would cover such a large area so quickly.

I googled “Central Park Tours” and came across a company called Central Park Bike Tours. The answer to my prayers! 🙂

I took the Arts and Architecture tour. It lasted 2 hours and cost $49 US which includes the cost of the tour and bike/helmet rental. (Gratuities must be paid separately.)

This is the tour description:

Central Park is the home of monumental statues, architectural gems and remarkable historical sites. Bike across charming bridges, along quaint paths and through a variety of landscapes leading to the picturesque Belvedere Castle. Monuments may include Angels of the Water, Cherry Hill fountain, The North Lake and The Ramble, The Boat House, The Oblisk, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir, Belvedere Castle, Swedish Cottage, Dakota Building, Turtle Pond.

Overall, it was a great way to see many highlights of the park, learn a little about it’s history, spend time outside, and even get some exercise. This was much needed after my early morning food tour of Chelsea Market! 🙂

The quality of the tour was average.

My helmet looked old and banged up and wouldn’t have provided much protection had I fallen.

The guide while nice enough but sounded stiff, almost like he was reading off of cue cards. He was young and had not been in the city that long – it would have been nicer to have toured with a native New Yorker who knew their stuff and was enthusiastic about their city.

At one point when I fell behind the group (I’m ALWAYS the slow one), he didn’t come back to check up on me for about 10 minutes and I missed the information he was offering to the rest of the group. I wasn’t really impressed and requested he fill me in on what I missed.

The park is beautiful and lived up to it’s reputation for being just that. Check out my photo set below!

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