Work With Me

Work With Me - is a world travel and Berlin life blog to inspire you to travel more or even move abroad.

About Me

Over 42,000 people follow my round the world travels and adventures at home in Berlin. My wanderlust has taken me 43 countries, stretching across four continents. Upon falling in love with Europe, I left Canada, quitting my job, selling everything I own, and moving to Germany. When I’m not jetting off somewhere, I work as a coach helping people move and find a job in Berlin (among other things).

Read more about me, read my FAQ, and see my press section. Even better, say hello at [email protected].

Surviving The Pandemic

At one point, this little blog was flying high! Then in late 2019, Google algorithm updates and a bad web hosting experience destroyed our numbers. Then of course, along came the pandemic, and it was chirping crickets around here it was so quiet. I started this blog in 2010 and was completely to see something I’d poured my heart and soul into disappear into a puddle of nothing.

Instead of dwelling on what had been, I set about preparing the blog for a new world, knowing someday we’d see the other side of Corona. I consulted an SEO specialist, making behind the scenes adjustments, spending hours removing old content, while updating other blog posts to be relevant for today. With a decade of work under our belt and hundreds of blog posts, the arduous and tedious efforts to make this happen have been ongoing since January 2021 and … are still underway. I also moved to an awesome new hosting company (props to BigScoots) and made this blog purely about travel. All of my Berlin content has since been migrated to my new pet project, The Berlin Life where we help people move to Berlin and find work. Beyond that, I’m still figuring out exactly what I want to do with this blog going forward.

Meanwhile, the efforts are paying off. The blog numbers are up and I’m once again ready to collaborate with relevant partners.

Website Stats

My website numbers are private and will be provided upon request. To spark some interest and give you a general idea of the numbers, here are some fast stats:

  • As of July 13, 2021, over the past 30 days, the blog had 10,000 unique visitors and 13,000 page views, with people viewing 2 pages per session, and staying for just more than a minute on the site. (I am working hard to improve those numbers and at the moment, the site is trending upward, with numbers almost doubling over the past month alone.)
  • Most of my readers hail from the US, UK, and Germany, with an equal split of male and female readers, most from 25 – 44 years of age.
  • The site’s domain authority is 46.

Social Stats

The blog’s following has declined as I rebranded the website. While smaller in size, it’s highly engaged:

  • Pinterest – 16,800 followers
  • Instagram – 12,000 followers
  • Twitter – 3,800 followers
  • Facebook – 2,800 fans
  • Mailing List – 500 subscribers
  • Bloglovin’ – 500 followers
  • Youtube – 90 followers

Partnership Opportunities

I’m open to partnering with like minded travel and tourism brands and in the past have worked with destinations, hotels, and others to create compelling content that resonates with my blog readers. Get in touch to discuss specific opportunities.