Berlin Life Updates: April 2019 Wasn’t So Bad

Berlin Life Updates: April 2019 Wasn’t Bad

Woot! This month’s update has been delivered in a more timely manner than usual, as it’s finally becoming a habit. In March, I dished about my time in Sweden and how I went an entire month without visiting a doctor. It was the first such month in more than six months. 

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April was a rollercoaster like month – it started off an intense low but ended on an exceptional high. 🙌🙌🙌

Berlin Life Updates: April 2019 Wasn’t So Bad

Berlin Life Updates April 2019 Cheryl Howard
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Let’s talk about the April 2019 happenings with my Berlin life.

1) My Physical & Mental Health Is So So 


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Monday nights at my house (steak frites!)

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✅ Surgical Recovery – In early April, I made my way back to the hospital in Buch for another post surgery follow-up appointment. If you recall in my February update, I’d developed a post surgical infection and worse yet, found out the surgery I had in January hadn’t been 100% successful. Even though I’d felt really good during March, I was on edge to find out if everything was progressing as expected. During the exam, they discovered the original incisions from the surgery still hadn’t healed (even though it was 10 weeks later!). The doctor prescribed some meds and ordered me back to the post surgical restrictions to give me more time to recover.  I was asked to come back in May so they can monitor the healing progress and inform me whether or not I need surgery. The only reassuring part of the exam was that they didn’t feel the need to take another biopsy. All in all, the bad news was a major blow, as I’d so been looking forward to resuming “normal life” again.

✅ I’m still smoke sometimes – Same as last month, it seems I’ve come back to smoking at least once a week when it comes to social outings and being around others who smoke. I know it doesn’t make sense at all to be a “sometimes” smoker, so unless anything changes, I’m going to refrain posting about here until I’ve stopped entirely for at least 1-3 months.

✅ Mental health – The medical woes took a toll on how I felt overall and the first part of the month was pretty difficult. However, I bounced back faster than expected – the beautiful spring weather and a little weekend getaway to Greece certainly helped. I resumed having Thai massages again, and that’s made a big difference as well, it it helps to keep me way more relaxed. 🧖

2) A Financial Hold (For This Month At Least) 


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#amondaycarpic 😂

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✅ Overall finances – I want to work harder on saving money, but didn’t want to think about it that much during April. I let myself have a good time throughout the month, especially in Athens, and didn’t focus on meeting any financial goals. Although, I certainly have channelled in inner old lady recently, as I love scoring deals whenever I shop, be it at the supermarket, the Apotheke, and even the store where I stock up on vitamins. I thank a fellow colleague for the inspiration (and motivation!). 

3) I Was Actually Almost What Could Be Called Social 


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Spring brings all the couches to the yard 😂

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✅ Social Me – I was somewhat more social this past month, staying at work for beers on Fridays a couple of times, meeting friends for dinner, going on long walks around Berlin, and hanging out with friends at Volkspark Friedrichshain over Easter weekend. I even discovered a new local restaurant in Lichtenberg within walking distance (hard to come by where I live) that serves up some seriously decent Italian fare. 

4) I Made It To Yet Another New Country


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Hello from my rooftop in Athens – also country #40 🙌🏻

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✅ I hit a huge milestone and visited country #40  – I visited Greece and fell in love with the history, the beauty, and the kindness of the people. When I was having dinner one night, they gave me a free glass of wine and a slice of cake! I stayed in Athens at a super cute boutique hotel, toured the Acropolis, did a day trip to see the Temple Of Poseidon, relaxed at a hammam, and walked for hours around the city. I’m hoping to visit Greece again around my birthday. Any suggestions for an off the beaten path island that’s not stuffed with tourists, drop a comment below. 

5) Three New Blog Posts


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Berlin ♥️♥️♥️

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✅ I’ve been on fire lately and pumped out two new blog posts since my my last monthly update  – one about a massive bookstore in Detroit filled with more than 1,000,000 used and rare books and the first of my Greece trip posts about a day trip I took from Athens to get some quality #vitaminsea:

What’s Coming in May?


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Springtime is 👌🏼

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I’m heading back to Malta again for sea, sunshine, and endless wandering through different villages on the island. Keep your fingers crossed that I’ll receive some good news when I visit the doctor. There’s some other exciting things in the works as well, so stay tuned. 🤗

That’s a wrap on my “Berlin Life Updates: April 2019” post. The May update will come out in early June, but in the meantime, sign-up for my newsletter or browse through my previous Berlin diaries entry.

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