Berlin Life Updates: August 2019 Was Time To Reflect

Berlin Life Updates: August 2019 Was Time To Reflect

July happened to be a month when there was an uptick of “good vibes” and a whole lot of fun. My cat recovered from her ill health, I saw my favourite band in concert, went on a boat cruise in Spandau, and so much more.

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Unfortunately, August had it’s up and downs and involved a lot of serious reflection on my side. I still really haven’t figured things out, but hope it will become more clear as we enter into autumn (my favourite time of year).

Read on for my, “Berlin Life Updates: August 2019”. 

Berlin Life Updates: August 2019 Was Time To Reflect

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1) So Depression, It Sucks 


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I spent a lot of time this month being seriously depressed – it’s getting to the point where I’m sad more often than I’m happy and that’s obviously a problem. It probably didn’t help I had a cold for 2-3 weeks and never really stayed at home from work to ever rest. It even got so bad that one evening I broke down in tears in public when visiting a Thai massage place and the owner yelled at me for being late due to a mixup in appointment times.

What does it all mean? I’ve thought about this a lot and I need to take even more time to think about what I want from life and how I can get myself to a better place. This is going to take a while, so for now, I’m going to slow way down and give myself more time to get my act together. 

It means my life updates will be more boring, but it should mean that I’ll be publishing more content. Writing here is a source of joy for me, really! So there’s that at least …

2) Social Outings Happened 


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Fishy moments from this week

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I really had to make a concerted effort to be social this month. When another bout of depression set in, I wanted nothing more than to stay at home in bed, hiding away from the world.

Anyway, I still did stuff. I watched a movie with a friend, had an amazing seafood dinner, dined at a Portuguese restaurant, finally had Korean food again, had a burger at the Bird, and best of all, attended a free open air concert. The Berlin Philharmonic performed Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony at Brandenburger Tor and it was literally, best thing I did all month.

3) I Went to Poznan Because I Love Pierogies Hard


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I had pierogis yesterday!

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I went to Poznan for the third time to update my restaurant guide. While I am mostly anti-Airbnb, I had a credit to use and stayed at this small studio not far from Old Town. I tried out a new fast-food style pierogi chain, Pierożak Pierogarnia, hung out at the hipster KontenerART, and finished with a lovely meal of pulled duck at Republika Róż. I’m still dreaming about that duck … 

4) I Booked Even More Flights 


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The S in Ostkreuz

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Aside from all the travel I have coming up in September and Kiev coming up in October, I booked a weekend in Innsbruck for December and best of all, I booked a flight home to Canada for November! 

I can’t wait to see my friends and family, especially my grandmother, who’s also last remaining grandparent. Not seeing her so often is one of the hardest things about living so far away. Aside from seeing friends, I can’t wait to eat my favourite foods and bask in all that Canadian friendliness. The harshness of the Berliner Schnauze gets to the best of us sometimes and well, I’m worn down and ready for people to be nice to me.

5) My Blog Is Raining Cash


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I mentioned in previous blog posts that I’m now regularly making cash with my blog through affiliate sales, ad revenue, and sponsored posts/links. I’m happy to say that August was my highest ranking revenue month ever and I made more than €750! For someone who’s never really thought much about monetisation, this is is freaking amazing.

September’s looking like it won’t yield that much, so I’m still at the stage where earnings are up and down. My goal is to make my monthly earnings more consistent. It’s nice that this money is in addition to my regular job, so whatever I make can go toward travel or my savings.

6) Woah There … A Super Popular Blog Post


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I only published one new blog post since my last update and it saw loads of views! We even got some familiar trolls who left a few pointless comments. You know you’ve made it “big” when the trolls show up. 😉

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7) Like What, I Was In a Podcast?!


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Apparently, I’m really good at advising others about how to find a job in Berlin, so I was asked to provide talk about some tips and tricks to anyone wanting to move to Germany. Give it a listen on the Expat Life Germany Podcast

8) Supporting Local Female Owned Businesses


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Maybe I should never move

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A former colleague of mine set out on her own to launch a business called Driller Queens. They do all all sorts of work around the house from assembling furniture, to installing light fixtures, to fixing things that are broken. Everyone who works for Driller Queens are female and well, it’s awesome to welcome a woman into your home to do work traditionally done by a man. As a woman who lives alone, it also makes you feel safer. 

They came around during August and installed a new mirror in my bathroom, a new light fixture in my bedroom (a hot pink mason jar styled light which I found at TK Maxx for €10!), and fix another minor issue. I’m so happy with the work and having things paid attention to that I’d let go for a long time.  

What’s Coming in September? 

Well, first off, I’ll be celebrating my birthday! Yay to another year of getting … older? I’ll also be travelling to two new countries – Estonia and Finland (countries #41 and #42) and visiting a new city in the Czech Republic, Brno.  

That wraps up my “Berlin Life Updates: August 2019” post. The September update will published sometime next month, so in the meantime, browse through my Berlin diaries.

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  1. I’m so sorry you’ve been depressed. Be kind to yourself.

    Blog income: it never really gets consistent, always has ups & downs depending on the time of year & the whims of Google.

    Also, I was glad to see your recommendation for the Driller Queens recently. I just contacted them last week, so hopefully they’ll have someone for us soon.

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