Berlin Life Updates: July 2019 Summer Time Happenings

Berlin Life Updates: July 2019 Summer Time Happenings

June was a really tough month when my elderly cat Izzy fell ill and as a result, I didn’t really venture out of the house all that much. Despite the difficulties, there were also some really nice moments.

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July was much better and as Izzy’s health improved, I became way more social again, and even went on a little trip to see my favourite band in concert.

Read on for my, “Berlin Life Updates: July 2019”. 

Berlin Life Updates: July 2019 Summer Time Happenings

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1) My Darling Izzy Is On The Mend 🐱


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15 years old and still hanging on! 🥰

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In happy news, Izzy recovered like a champ and is doing well. We went through a really rough patch when I found out she has the beginning of kidney disease, but a switch to a new food seems to have done the trick. Further tests revealed there’s no need to put her on medications or take drastic action at the moment. She regained her appetite and is up to her usual mischievous antics like chewing on my computer cables. While her energy levels are no longer the same as they were before her getting sick, my vet said to not worry too much, as she’s an old lady in human years. She seems to be in good spirits and still loves getting her daily doses of love from me. 

2) I Went To Wiesbaden Because I Love Bon Iver 🎵


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Bon Iver 🥰

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Since Bon Iver is my all time favourite band, I went to Wiesbaden to see them perform. It was my third time seeing them live and as always, they were amaaaaazing. I only stayed in Wiesbaden for one night as I didn’t want to be away from Izzy for that long so I treated myself and shacked up at the historic Radisson Blu. While in Wiesbaden, I managed to sneak in a delicious steak lunch paired with local wine,  and later attended the concert which was an open air event at Kulturzentrum Schlachthof.  

As Bon Iver just released a new album, I can’t wait for them to start another European tour so I can see them again. This is a band that I’ll chase across Europe if it means I get a chance to hear their unique and glorious sound again.  

3) I Had A Lot Of Fancy Dinners 🍷


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Scenes from last night

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If I hadn’t been very social in June, I turned this around in July bigtime. Unfortunately, I had to cancel doing the Bikeygees volunteer event, but I did tons of other things. I joined a new meetup called Fine Dining in Berlin for a fancy dinner at Baba Pirzola, I met with friends to eat at some Berlin classics like Dada Falafel and Kanaan, joined colleagues for a boat cruise in Spandau that ended with beers at Brauhaus Spandau, went to the OST exhibition, and even had drinks at Soho House for the first time.  

4) The Blog Hasn’t Been So Active But It’s Doing Well ✍️


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My latest floral indulgence

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The blog’s been inactive this summer and I’ve only published one new post since my last monthly update:

💖Best Hotels In Berlin Mitte (Personal Picks From A Local) – With more than 800 hotels in the city, it’s hard to know where to stay for your Berlin vacation. See these 15 hotels in Berlin Mitte to get started.

I also updated my Poznan restaurant guide with some fresh new places for you visit when you’re next in the city.

Despite my inactivity when it’s come to creating new content, is doing very well. Traffic has remained steady, ad and affiliate revenue is better than ever, and more partners are wanting to work with me. I’m super excited to get back to publishing content more regularly this fall. 

I’m also going to be featured in a podcast with Expat Life Germany talking about how to find work in Berlin. I’ll share the link to the interview in my next monthly update. 

5) Home Feels So Much More Like A Real Home 🏠


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Kind of happy with my kitchen right now

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I wrote about how I’ve been getting more settled into in my Berlin life and part of that has come through doing more things to make my house feel more like a home. I regularly treat myself to small things like fresh flowers every week, scented candles, and cooking simple meals. My home feels like a refuge these days and while I was dealing with my tough issues last month, it felt like my safe place. 

What’s Coming in August?

August promises to be another fun month with a short weekend trip planned to Poznan, hiring Driller Queens to do some repairs around my house, and well, otherwise enjoying summer with friends. I’ll also be in massive travel planning mode as in September I’m going to Tallinn, Estonia, Helsinki, Finland, and Brno, Czech Republic. 

That wraps up my “Berlin Life Updates: July 2019” post. The August update will be coming out really soon (mostly because we were so late getting out this post), so in the meantime, browse through my Berlin diaries.

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