Berlin Life Updates: June 2019 Was The Most Boring Month Ever

Berlin Life Updates: June 2019 Was The Most Boring Month Ever

May was the best month I had all year, as my health finally got better, I made another trip to Malta,  and I did a bit of redecorating around my house. 

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Sadly, June was a really tough month and I spent a lot of feeling rather down in the dumps. Regardless, there were still some highlight moments and I’m super happy to say I rebounded good and hard during July. 

Let’s get to my Berlin Life Updates: June 2019. 

Berlin Life Updates: June 2019 Was The Most Boring Month Ever

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What made June the most boring month ever in my Berlin life?

1) My Poor Cat Got Really Sick And It’s Been Soooo Hard 🐱


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Friday night is lit AF

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Izzy’s health once again took a turn for the worst. I brought her to the vet and found out that she has kidney disease. It’s not something that will get better, so we can only treat it and hopefully, keep her around for a while longer. With her old age of 14 (she’ll be 15 in October) and her very “particular” nature, there aren’t many treatment options available. 

The first step was getting her on some new food – a special diet she’ll be on for the rest of her life. It took trying three different brands, her staging hunger strikes, and many sleepless nights for us both, but we finally found some food she likes. Next is doing another test to see how advanced her kidney problems actually are and what more, if anything, we can do about to make her better.  I’m guilty of having put it off for a few weeks because I’m simply too frightened to find out the truth of her prognosis. Fingers crossed it’s not that advanced and we still have some more time together.

I’ve had Izzy for almost 15 years and she’s a huge part of my life. I got her after my divorce and she’s been my best buddy ever since. We’d a couple of brief pauses when I moved to Berlin, then home to Toronto, and later back to Berlin again, but eventually she came here with me to live her best “expat cat” life. I know having the time I’ve had with her is truly a remarkable and beautiful thing, but the pain at the thought of losing her is nothing short of devastating. Sitting with the vet and discussing her end of life options felt surreal. I’m plagued each day with figuring out when to know to let her go. Making the decision to end your pet’s life feels so wrong. Will I do it too early or will it be too late? How do you know what’s right and when to do it? There’s been days where I can’t stop crying. I’m scared to go to work each day and leave her alone at home. When I get home, the first thing I do is check if she’s still alive.  I’m not sure what’s going to happen yet but at this moment, I’m still clinging to some hope she’ll get better. She’s still rallying, so we’re taking it one day at a time.

2) I May Not Have Travelled Very Far But I Made It Count 🌊


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Me and the Baltic Sea 🌊

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I already spoke a little about my trip to the Baltic Sea lost month and how I spent a blissful 24 hours in Warnemünde. I walked around for hours, indulged in seafood twice, luxuriated at the spa, and watched a stunner of a sunset on the beach. It was tough to leave after such a short time there, but it was exactly what I needed to help stave off some of the stress with the cat.

My summer travel plans are pretty much non-existent while I wait to see what happens with my dear Izzy. In July, I’ll travel to Wiesbaden for a quick 24 hours to watch my favourite band, Bon Iver, perform and in August, I’m heading to Poznan again for another 24  hours to feast on all the Polish food and update my restaurant guide. I may also throw in a day trip to Szczecin to visit a few new attractions and update my city guide as well.  

On a side note, Bon Iver’s releasing a new album next month and I am beyond excited. Check out this new single they just dropped earlier this week.

3) Social Events Were Few And Far Between ⛵


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When you photo booth

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Being in a funk, it’s easy to stay home and mope, and for the most part, that’s what I did. Regardless, there were some fantastic and unforgettable moments – our company summer party was at House Of Weekend  and another event company with my team where we did a boat cruise along the Spree and a long lunch which involved so much laughing that some of us actually cried.

I also attended one of Give Something Back To Berlin’s cooking events where a bunch of people came together and cooked Indian food. It was really fun and nice to connect with locals, but I was left wanting more. I’d personally like to engage more with the local community like helping the homeless, so I’ll be looking for some more events of the nature (soon I’ll be helping teach local refugee women learn how to bike with Bikeygees). 

On that note, I havn’t picked up my bike from the bike sharing program yet. It’s on my “to do” list for July though. 

4) Not So Many New Blog Posts But Some Personal Wins 


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Sunset st Sudkreuz

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I wrote a lot of posts last month, but as it’s only been a couple of weeks since my last monthly update, there’s only one new post:

1) Visit Burano Italy: A Guide About What To Do, Where To Eat, & Where To Sleep – Visit Burano Italy, one of the most colourful places out there. Let this photo filled guide be your inspiration about what to do, where to eat, & where to sleep.

Worth a mention though is a major overhaul to my post about the best meetups in Berlin for meeting new people. I was especially delighted to discover a new group called Fine Dining In Berlin – they have some pretty fancy affairs and I can’t wait to join some of their events.  

Some personal wins was finally getting accepted into Mediavine (an add network that boasts higher payouts than Adsense), getting my second ever commision cheque for, and getting asked to speak on a podcast about finding work in Germany. 

What’s Coming in July?


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Just enjoying mirrors that are not broken

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My plans are to enjoy summer in Berlin, finally pick up that bike, do some volunteer work, and to cheer myself up by being waaaay more social.

That’s it for “Berlin Life Updates: June 2019” post. The July update will be coming out soon, so in the meantime, sign-up for my newsletter or browse through my Berlin diaries.

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