Berlin Life Updates: March 2019 Was Way Better

Berlin Life Updates: March 2019 Was Way Better

I’m late again out this month’s Berlin expat life update post, but better late than never, as they say. Last month, I talked about how it was a month I’d rather forget as I recovered from my surgery, no travel, and a general feeling of “blahness”.

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Low and behold, March turned out to be a way better month. I travelled again, finished my surgical recovery, and went to Sweden for the first time. 

Berlin Life Updates: March 2019 Was Way Better

Berlin Life Updates - March 2019
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Read on to find out the most recent happenings with my Berlin life.

1) My Physical & Mental Health (And My Cat’s Too) 


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Where I’m finding my bliss these days

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✅ Surgical Recovery – March was doctor free, which allowed me to relax, and have more of a fun month as the only thing I had to focus on was getting better. By the end of March, I was finally free from all of my surgical restrictions. I went on some long walks and took a long soak in my bathtub. You have no idea how uplifting it was to feel “normal” again. I even treated myself to a few Thai massages (included in my monthly Gympass). April will bring news about next steps on the recovery front, as it may turn out I need further surgery. 

✅ I’m still sort of a smoker – I still smoked a handful of times over the month and every time I did, I felt disgusting afterward (never mind disgusted with myself). I’m hoping that once I can get back to the gym or do more physical activity, I’ll feel more motivated to stop completely. 

✅ My darling cat Izzy  – My cat’s much better, but she’s really gave me a scare about how much longer she’ll be with me. We found a really healthy organic food that she’s really fond of and her appetite has greatly improved, along with her mood and general health. She also has this new cute, but weird, habit of where she sleeps inside of a cardboard box. It’s her new favourite spot, so I added in a blanket so she feels even more comfortable. 🐈

✅ Spring made everything better – The mild weather and longer days has added a spring to my step. I started going out more on my own and with friends again. Not wallowing at home definitely helped my overall happiness level. 💐

2) Financial Wins and Losses


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Frühlingsblumen – Celebrating that today is my first day free from my post surgery limitations! Two very long months have passed and I can feel like I have a life again.

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✅ I got my tax refund – The tax man sure took his sweet time, but eight long weeks after I submitted my taxes, I received my refund which I used to pay down some debts. I felt so mature and proud of myself when I did this, but then I remembered my web hosting, domain, and SSL certificate were up for renewal, and that sucked up most of my refund.  💸

✅ Again, saving and not saving – I made my savings goal for my Canadian account (woot!) but totally failed at adding to my German savings and even lessoned it with all the travels I’d been doing (and staying a nice hotels). I indulged a lot in Stockholm visiting museums, treating myself to nice meals, but never checked in with how expensive things were. Lesson learned the hard way and I plan to better monitor my spending habits on my next trip. 

3) I Became (Somewhat) Social Again


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Not like a Canadian hockey game 😂

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✅ Social Me – As I mentioned above, I finally put myself out there and saw a bit more of the world. Some of the things I did included seeing Canadian comedian Daniel Ryan Spaulding live at the English Theatre, attending a Berlin Ice Bears game (which they sadly lost), hanging out with a friend and her beautiful kids, drinking beers to Stone Brewing with colleagues after a team event. In other strange but hilarious events, an ex of mine from university contacted me on LinkedIn after more than 15 years! I guess it’s easy to be easily found on the Internet when you have a blog like this. 😂

✅ Nesting A Bit – Even though I went out more, I also took steps to make my house feel more like a home. I started by redecorating my bathroom with a new shower curtain, bathmat, bath and hand towels, as well as a soap dispenser. Most items were from Zara Home and a few more from TK Maxx, my go to places for home accessories that aren’t IKEA. 🏠

4) I Made It To A New Country 


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I am going to ride the entire Stockholm metro just to keep seeing all of these crazy beautiful (even trippy) stations! ♥️

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✅ I checked off country #39 on my list  – I went to Stockholm for an Agile leadership training, but stayed on for a few days on my own. I checked museums like the Nobel Museum and Photography Museum, hit up three libraries like the Stockholm Public Library, and ate my way to happiness by tasting reindeer at the Pelikan. 🇸🇪

5) Two New Blog Posts


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About last night

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✅ I did better and there are two new blog posts this month – an unfortunately timed one about Michael Jackson (I published it right around when the documentary Leaving Neverland came out) and another post about where to stay when you visit one of my favourite Italian cities, Brescia:

What’s Coming in April?


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Kita entrance 🌸 🌺

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I’m going to visit another new country and Greece will be my 40th country visited. I can’t wait to eat Greek food and visit the Acropolis for the first time. Outside of that, I’ll be having more surgery followup at the hospital in Buch, and mostly, just trying to be more social and healthy. 🏛

That’s it for my “Berlin Life Updates: March 2019” post. The April update will be out soon, but in the meantime, sign-up for my newsletter or peruse my Berlin diaries.

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Berlin Life Updates Mar 2019
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