Berlin Life Updates: May 2019 When Everything Got Better

Berlin Life Updates: May 2019 When Everything Got Better

April was all about my continued medical woes (boo) and a trip to another new country, Greece. Then May came round with good news on the health front, another trip to Malta, and four new blog posts on (two of which I’m particularly excited about). All in all, there was a looooot of good things this month, so let’s get down to business.   

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Berlin Life Updates: May 2019 When Everything Got Better

Berlin Life Updates - May 2019
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Just why was May 2019 of my Berlin life  so much better?

1) I’m Finally Healthy, More Or Less 💪


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New haircut 💇

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✅ Medical Clearance In early May, I went back for another follow-up appointment at the hospital in Berlin Buch. For the first time in more than four years, I came back with a healthy pap smear with no presence of abnormal cells. This meant that the January surgery had indeed been effective and further surgery isn’t needed for the time being. My doctor also confirmed that the wounds from the surgery had finally healed, as had any infection. While I’ll need to continue take a bunch of vitamins every day for the rest of my life and have follow-up appointments every three months until they feel confident I no longer need them, I’m finally back to normal and couldn’t be any happier. I literally danced and sang my way out of the hospital that day! 

✅ Getting My General Checkup I paid a long overdue visit my family doctor to have a general checkup on my overall health. All my blood tests came back normal, except that one which indicated I’ve ever so slightly high cholesterol levels. Nothing that a better diet and exercise won’t take care of, which I plan to start working on ASAP. 

✅ New Hair – I had a super long appointment at my hair salon for a  cut and colour (the latter is always in need to cover the increasing amounts of grey hairs popping up). The picture above is from the day I had it done. After two years of it being short and me trying out “wild colours”, including pink and purple, I’m content to let it grow and look more natural with a balayage effect of darker roots fading out to blonde.

2) I Need To Get Better At Saving Cold Hard Cash 💸


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Busy Berlin

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✅ Not Saving Cash Another month of no progress toward saving money and yeaaahh, I need to get back on track. I decided to reward myself and invest in making my home feel like a home. I went with some new bedding from Zara Home and then new curtains and table lamps from IKEA. As the heat was already hitting 30+ degrees Celsius by month end, I splurged with a new portable AC unit too. 

3) Social Anxiety Is A Weird Thing 👥


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Cheers to a good weekend

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✅ Not So Social – Ironically, it was my old meetup Make Friends In Berlin that triggered a lot of my social anxiety and for sure, shutting down that group was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Since then, the idea of going out and being social gives me an acute level of anxiety, and it takes a lot to convince me to show up anywhere. Earlier, easy going, meetings with only a few people seem to be more my style, so I did go out here and there – once with colleagues to my favourite rooftop bar and once trying a  Jamaican restaurant for jerk chicken! Another fun event was looking after my friend’s kids for a couple of hours one night – one who’s five years old and another who’s three. We had a lot of fun together and all managed to survive even though they can’t speak a word of English and my German is “meh” at best.  

4) I Went To Malta … Again 🌊


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Streets of Valletta

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✅ Malta Redux I went to Malta again to see if I’d like it better this time around. First off,  I tried something new and rented a room at an Airbnb apartment in Sliema. While I saved loads of cash bunking in someone else’s home, my hopes of having a social host who I could hang out with and get Malta insider tips from never happened. She barely spoke with me – not sure it was intentional in order to respect my privacy, but it was ultimately a big letdown. 

I spent most of the weekend wandering around Valletta and didn’t venture any further than that. It was pretty great to soak up the sunshine, walk by the sea, and eat tasty dishes like this pasta with rabbit meat (yummy!). I also enjoyed this “Discover Instagram Spots & Hidden Gems” where I got to see lots of new spots around Valletta and get some fun new photos of myself too. 

5) My Blog’s Getting Old (Like Me!) 😬


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♥️ 🌈

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✅ My Blog’s Nine Years Old – Throughout my entire career, I’ve never stuck around one company longer than three or so years. So the fact that has been around for nine years, “bigger and better” than ever, is something really special. Not only am I publishing more regularly, traffic is even growing. As I always say, I remain amazed that anyone’s even reading so ummmm, thanks for being here.  

Did you know I almost gave up on the blog to pursue a dream which eventually fizzled out? There were other years were there were barely any posts, but these days, writing here’s one my favourite things in life.

✅ Blogging – I’ve been having a lot of fun with my blog recently and publishing some Berlin content that I’ve been wanting to get out for the longest time. From a Berlin side – I wrote a 10,000+ word guide for people looking to move to Berlin and another guide about how much it costs to live in Berlin. I’m really excited about these posts and really hope that will help people with their move to Berlin. From a travel point, I wrote about spending 24 hours by the Baltic Sea in Warnemünde and another weird and offbeat feature about a statue of an American actor in Budapest. 

What’s Coming in June?

My plans are to stick around Berlin this month, with the only exception being a quick trip to Northern Germany (spoiler – it was Warnemünde), renting a bike through a bike sharing program, and trying to connect with locals  by attending an event with Give Something Back to Berlin

That’s it for “Berlin Life Updates: May 2019” post. The June update will be coming out soon enough, so in the meantime, sign-up for my newsletter or browse through my Berlin diaries.

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