Berlin Life Updates: October 2019 Was Freaking Busy

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Berlin Life Updates: October 2019 – While September was full of travel, October saw me sticking around Berlin a lot more to get treatment for my sore foot, spend time with friends, and work even more on

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Read on for this month’s latest expat life installment, “Berlin Life Updates: October 2019”. 

Berlin Life Updates: October 2019 Was Freaking Busy

1) Spending A Weekend In Kyiv, Ukraine


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Kyiv from the 14th floor of my hotel! I can’t wait to explore tomorrow.

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Despite still nursing an injured foot and being in a lot of pain, I spent 4 days getting to know Kyiv and hitting up country #43!  To make moving around easier and avoid walking as much as possible, I took an Uber everywhere. Luckily most fares were never more €3-4 one way.

Highlights of the weekend included visiting the Museum of Toilet History, the Chernobyl Museum, Ukraine’s largest book market, and the massive Mother Motherland monument. Architecturally speaking, seeing this crematorium and the expo center allowed me to geek out on socialist modernist work.  Foodwise, I went to a wine festival, feasted on Georgian food at Mama Mahaha, ate chicken Kyiv (in Kyiv!), and went to a Borscht party in the home of a local. My hotel, while a modest Ibis property, offered up a room on the 14th floor, a large comfortable bed, and decent buffet breakfast.

An unexpected challenge was not being within the EU’s free data roaming zone. I spent a lot of extra money adding credit to my phone and on the final afternoon, it cut out all together and I almost missed my flight out of Kyiv because of the delay. Thankfully, a helpful tourist let me tether from his phone and call an Uber. Another surprise was how hard it was to move around the city, as Kyiv seemed to gripped by a constant traffic jam. Not being able to walk the city streets and take photos was certainly bummer.

Despite this, I want to return to the Ukraine again next year and explore other parts of the country like Lviv and Odessa. 

2) Getting To Look Like Robocop 


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I’m going to robocop for the next four weeks all thanks to a fractured foot 🤖 👮‍♀️ 🦶

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Turns out that the first family doctor I went to in September for my sore foot was way off on her diagnosis. She told me to stay off my foot, use topical cream and take ibuprofen to minimize the pain, as well as wrap my foot in a bandage. When I asked about getting an x-ray or being sent to another doctor more capable of examining this kind of injury, she implied that I was over exaggerating and that I shouldn’t bother.

After three weeks of walking around on the injured foot, I finally got to an orthopedic doctor who diagnosed me in less than five minutes, but still did an x-ray to be sure. He was kind, listened to me, and confirmed that I had a marching fracture that just wasn’t being given time to properly heal. The result was being gifted with a giant air filled boot that makes me look like Robocop. While it’s way embarrassing to wear around, it’s made walking way less painful and more often than not, people are generous about giving you a seat on the S-Bahn. 

I have two more weeks left before visiting the doctor again to get another xray and confirm whether I can finally stop wearing the cast. Fingers crossed, I’ll get his blessing to stop wearing it before heading out to Toronto on Nov 15.

3) Sticking Close To Home In Berlin


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This month also included spending some much needed time with friends. The fun included seeing Hertha play again, going to another hockey game (and watching it from a lounge!),  eating at the hipster pizza place Futura, brunching in West Berlin, babysitting a friend’s two kids, and hosting a visiting friend from the US. 

Some things that were not fun being home this month? One of them was losing water in our building for a day. You have no idea how much you take something so basic for granted until you suddenly can’t wash your hands or cook a meal. Standing outside in a queue to fill a bucket of water to carry back to my flat was also completely surreal. Thankfully, services were restored by the following morning. Also not fun is the S-Bahn station near my home being closed for construction for the better part of the month. The replacement bus I’m forced to take adds an extra 90 minutes to my daily commute so I’m super tired on most days. 

4) Everything About Blogging 


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Sunrise over the Plattenbaus

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October was a great month for the blog! I created loads of new content, saw some of my best numbers, and made a record amount of money.

New blog posts include:

💖10 Cheap European Destinations You Should Visit – A list of cheap European destinations you should visit. Our recommendations will take you to some of the continent’s most off the beaten path places.

💖Really Practical & Useful Tips For Renting Cars Abroad – Renting cars abroad is a big deal. Read our tips about how to save money, get upgrades, & avert disaster when booking a car rental for your next vacation.

💖Weird & Offbeat: Museum Of Toilet History Kyiv – We explore the Museum Of Toilet History in Kyiv to learn about the humble toilet, experience art, & see the world’s largest collection of toilet souvenirs.

Traffic to the blog remained steady but remained one of the highest trafficked months of 2019. Revenue speaking, I closed deals for two sponsored posts,  sold some advertising space, and had revenue from affiliate and ad sales. October saw me making the most money I ever have in a single month since this blog’s creation in 2010. 

I plan to spend December putting in a lot of time here  (especially the time I have off between Christmas and the new year) to create even more content, work on behind the scenes things like moving to a new host and changing my theme, and plan for how to position the blog to make more money. If I can achieve this, the immediate dream would be to reduce my day job to four days per week and travel more, even if I need to work remotely.

5) Thinking About Upcoming Travels


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It’s cold

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As for travel plans, my next “big thing” is being in Toronto for half of November. I also cancelled a trip to Innsbruck in December so I can focus on my blog and enjoy Berlin’s most festive season. I may do some day trips to Poland or other German cities, but mostly, I’ll be sticking close to home again. 

I also booked a trip to Armenia in 2020 and I am beyond excited for that trip to happen. 

What’s Coming in November?


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I’ll be getting ready for my trip to Toronto and I’m deep into my inner project management mode right now, working out places to stay, booking transportation, getting insurance, arranging to meet everyone, and buying gifts from Germany to take for family and friends. It’s going to be a busy and fun filled month! 

This concludes my “Berlin Life Updates: October 2019” post. Stay tuned as the November update will be a special one as it marks my five-year anniversary of being in Berlin. If you’re interested in my monthly updates, check through my “Berlin diaries” archives.

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