Berlin Life Updates: September 2019 Was All Travel

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Berlin Life Updates: September 2019 Was All Travel – August was a bit of an odd month when I should’ve been enjoying what was left of summer, but instead, I spent it moping about ias I went through a serious period of depression and self reflection. 

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In September, I continued my inward reflections, but travelled like a maniac to three new cities and two new countries. My countries visited list is now at 42! 

Read on for more, “Berlin Life Updates: September 2019”. 

Berlin Life Updates: September 2019 Was All Travel

1) Getting Injured Is Not That Fun But At Least There’s An Exciting Back Story 😭


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I hurt my foot caving last week so I’m stuck at home in bed resting and watching Netflix (Gilmore Girls)

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While hiking and taking cave tours in the Czech Republic, I hurt my foot somehow. A week later, it’s still quite sore. I spent almost 5 days in bed, with only small trips from the house each day to make sure I was still “moving” a bit. I’m still working with cold compresses, topical creams, bandages, and more until it finally heals itself … 

2) I Wasn’t Really Around Berlin That Much 💨


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Brunch spots

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As I wasn’t really home in September due to all of my trips, I wasn’t very social. However, I did manage to go to a new brunch spot with friends near Ostkreuz, Alte Turnhalle and also hang out with one of my favourite people in the world when he visited Berlin. 

3) Visiting A New Country – Tallinn, Estonia ✈️


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So hipster it hurts

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I’d been aching to visit Tallinn for a long time so it’s where I chose to spend my recent birthday. While I wouldn’t rank it one of my top destinations, I had some cool experiences:

💖Doing a tour at Hotel Viru to learn about how the KGB spied on hotel guests during Communist times

💖Eating brunch at the hipster F-Hoone and some other hot spots

💖Seeing the street art throughout Telliskivi Creative City

💖Walking through the picturesque Old Town

💖Touring the Fotografiska, the local photography museum

💖Staying at a funky Airbnb with an “exposed” shower 🚿

💖Photographing discarded Soviet statues at the Estonian History Museum 

4) Going to Another New Country – Helsinki, Finland 🛥️


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#overandout 👋🏼

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While in Estonia for a long weekend, I made my way to Helsinki, Finland for the day via ferry. While I was only there for a brief time, I put together an itinerary that had me enjoying some of my favourite things in life, like weird and offbeat sites, libraries, and good food. 🍽️

Highlights from my day included:

💖Visiting Bad Bad Boy, an massive art installation of a boy pissing into the pavement below

💖Spending more than an hour at the beautiful National Library Of Finland

💖Gazing at the glory of the minimalist looking Helsinki Cathedral

💖Sampling Finnish cuisine at Savotta Restaurant

💖Touring Temppeliaukio Church, a church carved directly into bedrock

💖Getting holy at Kamppi Chapel, a small and oddly shaped chapel that provides peaceful moments to busy locals

5) Back In The Czech Republic To Visit Brno 🥾


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My Airbnb in Brno is the cutest

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I’ve been to the Czech Republic a number of times, but have only ever visited Prague. As such, I was all too happy to explore other places in the country and check out Brno. I absolutely loved my visit there and am planning to return again next year to explore more of the city and region.

Things I got up to in Brno:

💖Dining at some of the city’s best restaurants

💖Checking out stunning historical sites like the Cathedral of St Peter and Paul

💖Climbing the tower at Old City Hall to see Brno from above 

💖Visiting dark sites like the Capuchin Crypt and an ossuary full of skulls (simular to the Otranto Cathedral in Italy and the Skull Tower in Nis, Serbia

💖Touring an old Cold War bunker that’s now a happening bar in one hell of a setting

💖Doing a day trip to the nearby Moravian Karst, a nature reserve full of caves (I toured at least two of them), hiking through a forest, and stepping into one of the most beautiful cathedrals I’ve ever seen in my life

6) A Little Bit Of Blogging 💻


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Things making me happy this week 🌹

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Being on the road so much left little time for blogging, but I did manage to pump out two new blog posts:

💖Brno Restaurants: Places To Eat In Brno Czech Republic – If you’re visiting Brno & looking for a place to eat, consider these Brno restaurants. From hip cafés, to cheap pubs, & fine dining, we’ve got you covered.

💖Weird & Offbeat: The Bad Bad Boy Statue Helsinki – What is the Bad Bad Boy Statue Helsinki? Why is there a massive statue of a peeing boy there in first place? Let us solve the mystery for you.

From an earnings perspective, my ad network and affiliate revenues did well and remained more or less steady. The commission payouts won’t come for a month or two, but will come in handy as I plan my trip back to Canada in November and need some extra cash to pay my cat sitter, travel insurance, etc.

What’s Coming in October?

As we roll into October, I’ll be going on yet another trip to Kyiv, Ukraine. While I’m super excited about visiting another new country, I’m also worn out from all of my recent travel adventures. I look forward to resting up and getting back into my usual Berlin routine.  

This concludes my “Berlin Life Updates: September 2019” post. The October update will be out in early November, so if you’re interested in my monthly updates, check through my “Berlin diaries” archives.

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