Berlin Love Notes – Snapshot I.

Berlin Graffiti And Streetart.
I already told you about how love is in the air in Berlin’s Prenzlauer Berg as red stencilled hearts began randomly showing up on doors, sidewalks and walls. Yesterday, I spotted yet another instance of hearts painted on the side of a construction fence on Am Friedrichshain.

What motivates the person (or people) doing this? Are they in love with someone? Are they in love with Berlin? Are they simply trying to make others happy?

Whatever it is, I love it! As I find more hearts around my hood, I’ll feature the photos here in my Snapshots section and on Instagram (@cdngrrleh) with the tagline/hash tag “Berlin Love Notes” or #berlinlovenotes.

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  1. I’ve been amazed by the amount of love-related art in Berlin since I started ‘looking for love’ so to speak

  2. With the variety of street art in the Hauptstadt – the good, the bad, the hopeful, the critical – the sight of these hearts on a street barrier makes me … happy. Hope you find lots more, C!

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