Berlin Guide 

Welcome to my Berlin guide – offering up a list of the best Berlin blogs and websites, tips to experience Berlin, my personal expat life diaries about life in Berlin, a list of things to do in Berlin, and all about living in Berlin. 

1) Best Berlin Blogs

Some of my favourite local blogs and websites.

2) Experience Berlin

Some fun experiences to be had in Berlin.

3) Living in Berlin

How to get started in Berlin and then make the most of living in Berlin. If you do anything while on my website, visit our comprehensive moving to Berlin guide

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4) My Berlin Diaries

My personal Berlin diaries with expat life updates. 

5) Things To Do In Berlin

Read things to do in Berlin for some of my favourite places around the city.

Looking for touristy things to do in Berlin, consider booking one of these tours.

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6) Where To Stay in Berlin

Need somewhere to stay when you’re in Berlin? Check out hotel offerings on