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I’ve been living in Berlin since June 2011. Throughout my time here, I’ve written about my various experiences to help other people who either want to move to Berlin or are already living here. Find out how to learn German, make friends, figure out health insurance, and more. 

  1. 5 Things You Need to Know About Health Insurance in Germany – If you’re planning a move to Germany, you’ll need health insurance. Read this to find out all the things you need to know about health insurance in Germany.
  2. 10 Favourite Things About Berlin – Berlin is a city loved and written about by many. Read this account by a Berliner local Fiona Laughton, who tells us her favourite things about Berlin.
  3. 10 Reasons Why Berlin Is So Cool – A new series on the blog – the first installment includes my top ten reasons why Berlin is so cool.
  4. 15 Tips For Moving House In Berlin – Expat in Berlin and not sure how to move? Use this comprehensive guide filled with 15 tips explaining how to go about moving house in Berlin.
  5. 60 Signs That You’ve Been Living In Germany For A Long Time – After living in Germany for a number of years, you start to become more and more “German”. From recycling, to public nudity, drinking beer in public, and being on time (even early) for meetings at work, find out the signs you’ve been in Germany for a long time.
  6. Berlin Expat Advice – Learn German in Berlin – Contrary to popular opinion, you can’t get by with just English and you need to learn German in Berlin. Find out why you should learn German and where.
  7. Best Berlin Meetup Groups for Meeting New People – New to Berlin & looking to connect with locals? A longtime Berliner looking for the same? Join any of these 31 Berlin Meetup groups for meeting new people.
  8. Cost Of Living In Berlin In 2020 (Details From a Local) – Many wonder what is the cost of living in Berlin? One local (me!), reveals average personal expenses for things like rent, electricity, phone plans, & more.
  9. Find a Flat in Berlin by Turning to Facebook – Looking to find a flat in Berlin? Use this complete listing of Facebook groups where Berliners advertise rooms or apartments for rent.
  10. How To Make Friends In Berlin In 2020 – After becoming a Berlin expat, I needed to meet new people and make new friends. Here’s my top three ways to make new friends in Berlin.
  11. Living Abroad: Essential Tools Expats in Germany Can’t Live Without – This list of essential tools for expats living abroad in Germany includes tips that will make adjusting to your new life in Europe easy.
  12. Moving To Berlin Guide: Tips From Someone Who’s Done It Twice – This moving to Berlin guide is the most comprehensive guide out there. Find where to learn German, find a job, secure a flat, open a bank account, & more.
  13. Should You Book an Airbnb Apartment in Berlin? – Since Berlin enacted a ban prohibiting the rental of entire holiday flats, you may wonder if you should book an Airbnb apartment in Berlin.

Living in Berlin: Experience It From The Eyes Of A Tourist 

Even those of us who are living in Berlin need to experience Berlin like a tourist sometimes:


Living in Berlin: Make It A Staycation

Don’t feel like leaving the city during your vacation? Have some friends coming to visit? Check out some of Berlin’s best hotel options.

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