Christmas Adventures in Eastern Europe

Christmas adventures in Eastern Europe?  Oh yes, please! A trans Atlantic flight will kick start a “fast and furious” adventure that will last 9 days and include visits to 5 cities in 5 countries – Munich, Germany, Vienna, Austria, Budapest, Hungary, Bratislava, Slovakia, and Prague, Czech Republic.

A Christmas Tour Through Eastern Europe
A Christmas Tour Through Eastern Europe

Are you wondering if I am going to star in CBS’s reality show, The Amazing Race? While the allure of traveling around the world with a loved one and having the chance to snag a one million dollar prize would be “amazing”, the show is (sadly) not open to Canadians. I hope one day they will change this rule!  After all, we do top top the list of the world’s most friendly travelers and are also not found to be annoying.  Check out Trip Advisor’s2011 Travel Trends Forecast.

This tour is the next installment in my ongoing quest to travel the world.  With a “mere” 9 countries under my belt, I’m going to add 5 more to the list.  Actually 7 if you count airport layovers in Copenhagen, Denmark and London, England.

You may wonder, why would I want to go away for Christmas? Why celebrate Christmas on my own and with complete strangers, instead of with with family and friends?

For many, a delightful highlight of the holiday season is getting to spend that quality time with friends and family.  They get drunk on eggnog, attend fun parties, family dinners, kiss under mistletoe, overeat, and exchange goofy presents that will later be returned to the store or given away to charity. Many people will take extra time off of work and travel great distances just to have these experiences.

I love Christmas for all these reasons and more. In fact, it’s one of my favorite times of the year! I look forward to continuing traditions such as attending one of my favorite fund-raising events in Toronto called HoHoTO.  (If you’re a local, check out the web site and purchase tickets! Dooooo it. Proceeds go to The Daily Bread Food Bank.)

This photo from last year (of a very blond me) shows just how much I love the season.

Embracing the Festive Spirit
Embracing the Festive Spirit

I’ve been thinking about going away for Christmas for a little while now.  My lust/obsession for further travel, more adventures, and obtaining more stamps on my passports continues. I am at my best and happiest when traveling. So, as a gift to myself, I am going away for Christmas.

I looked into trips such as walking/hiking tours in Spain and Portugal (imagine being able to lose weight over the holidays), experiencing the real Cuba with non-resort home stays, and even a tour to a Greek island to explore small villages and chill on the beach.

All sounded quite appealing, but I finally found my perfect vacation get-away when I consulted the almighty Google with a query for Christmas vacations. I stumbled across this delightful Eastern European Tour offered by Globus. I called up my favorite travel agency and booked the trip! Snow covered castles, romantic cities, tasty beer, fine wine, meaty food, and Christmas markets await!

I have to admit, I’m falling in love with Europe.  I am mulling over whether or not I want to move there.  Blame, Italy. I went there in September and it was love at first sight. The love affair will now continue.

Keep reading my blog for further updates about the trip and other information relating to travel.

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  1. I have been dreaming of a Christmas European getaway for years…and I think you made the right choice in location!! Eastern Europe will truly be a fairytale/Christmas Winter Wonderland!! Have a great time getting ready for your trip! And I blame Italy, too, every year for making me want to pack my bags and never return…

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