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Companies In Berlin Hiring Right Now – There are many people out of work right now due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the German economy. Despite the doom and gloom, there’s a bright spot on the horizon. The economic recovery is trending to be a v-shaped one, and while this could quickly change, this desirable rebound is something that most countries around the globe are envious of right now. A lot of companies in Berlin are currently hiring and not just for a handful of jobs, but for a lot of them. Newsletter

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Companies In Berlin Hiring Right Now

Companies In Berlin Hiring Right Now
Image by Nikolaus Bader from Pixabay

In this post, we feature companies operating in Germany who are actively recruiting new candidates in Berlin. This started as a “top 10” guide and will continue to be updated on a regular basis (we’re now at 25 different companies). Bookmark this post for future reference and come back often for updates.

A few disclaimers, before we get started:

💖  Some of the companies are hiring only German speakers and some are hiring English ones as well. It’s best to check individual job descriptions for more specific language requirements. If known, we’ll include this in the company profile below.

💖  There are companies who cover relocation costs or help with visas. If known, we’ll also include this information.

Note – Keep in mind that there are many unemployed people in Germany at the moment and as such, companies have tightened their finances and are tending to hire locally.

💖  I’m not a recruiter, so please do not send me your CV. Apply through the company’s website links below or get in touch with them directly.

💖  I’m not personally endorsing any of the companies featured here. You’ll need to research them on your own to decide if you want to apply for a job and if things go well (which I hope they will), work for them.

Which companies are hiring people in Berlin?

Companies In Berlin - Hiring During Corona
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Check out these companies in Berlin hiring right now:

1) Zalando – Europe’s biggest online fashion retailer serving 17 countries is now doing better than ever revenue wise. With more than 300 positions open in Berlin (at time of writing), check them out for gigs in their warehouse, sales teams, engineering, and more. They do offer jobs to English speakers and often help with visas and relocation. Zalando is also focusing a lot on diversity and inclusion these days, making it one of the more attractive companies to work for in Germany.

2) AMBOSS – A company founded by doctors, for doctors. AMBOSS aims to empower physicians to deliver high levels of care by creating a digital medical platform that helps doctors have access to learning and development materials to learn more about their craft. With now more than 300 employees, the company is only growing, and you can be part of their team. They’re hiring in the product and engineering areas, marketing and communication, as well as business and operations. No need to fret, as they hire English speakers too.

3) TikTok – Considered to be the number one short-form mobile video platform, their mission is to inspire creativity and bring joy. If you’re like me, you’re probably a big fan of the app and can spend hours watching the entertaining video content you find there. Lucky for us, they are hiring for tons of positions in Berlin. They are open to hiring English speakers and most of their openings revolve around community managers, content specialists, product managers, and partner managers. At time of writing, they had 30 positions open in Berlin. 

4) FREE NOW – Formerly mytaxi, FREE NOW offers varying mobility services like taxis, private car hires, scooters, and ride shares, with plans to further expand on their services. This growth means they need people and they’re hiring. They are seeking people in their engineering and product area, data and analytics team, marketing, sales, and more. They hire English people and support people with their visa needs.

5) TomTom – Situated in a lovely office on the Spree right near Molecule Man, TomTom specializes in location, navigation, and map technologies. While there are not many open positions in Berlin right now (only three at the time of writing), keep an eye on their job openings as they’re said to be a good company to work for. They hire English speakers, and assist with visas. Note, most of their open positions in Berlin tend to be tech related.

6) Contentful – These guys have a platform that allows you to update your website’s content via a user friendly tool that helps website owners avoid dealing with backend maintenance. With a hip looking office in Kreuzberg, the company is looking for sales, product, finance, etc. people. They speak English in the workplace and help with visas.

7) Doctolib – The largest e-health service in Europe, Doctolib has digitized appointment bookings for patients, as well as patient management for physicians. In a country where digitization is sorely needed, Doctolib is making the lives of people in Germany better. They are currently hiring for their marketing, human resource, engineering, and operations (including customer service) teams. Some jobs accept English speakers, but many of them require German skills.

8) Sennder – Sennder is a digital road freight forwarder, enabling shipping companies get connected to fleets of thousands of trucks. Using innovative technology, they are one of the first companies to begin to digitize and automate road logistics processes. It’s an exciting space to be in and could help you further develop your career should you start working here. Who are they hiring? Sennder is recruiting for their tech team, account management, finance, and more. They hire English speakers, so apply now.

9) Babbel – Babbel has a subscription based language learning app and e-learning platform. Their product is used by millions of people around the globe and you could be part of taking it to the next level. They are hiring staff for customer care, marketing, sales, engineering etc. They also speak English at the workplace.

10) Tesla – Tesla is expanding their presence in Europe by building a new factory just outside of Berlin. They only have a handful of open positions right now, but expect the number of people they will hire to only increase as time goes by. At the time of this blog post’s publication, they are looking for HR staff, technicians, and security engineers, and more. Some job openings are in English. On a side note, do you know there’s a Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade? You should visit! 

11) Grover – This company based in Berlin’s Mitte has a pretty cool concept; they help you rent pieces of technology like a laptop versus buying it outright. They aim to make technology accessible to anyone and not just for the affluent. Grover is hiring right now and are looking for people in finance, accounting, software engineering, and customer care.

12) Passbase – Passbase helps people easily integrate secure identity verification into their websites and apps. They’re currently seeking software engineers and people for their growth area. They’re also looking for a content manager, back and front end developers, as well as quality assurance engineers.

13) Finleap – If you’re looking to dive into an exciting career in the groundbreaking field of Fintech, join the ranks at Finleap (Solarisbank). They’re hiring for a lot of different areas like finance, human resources, product management, and sales. They speak English in the workplace and hire people from all over, also assisting new employees with relocation. 

14) Blinkist – Blinkist is cooler than cool with their short form content and learning and development offerings. They are known as being one of the best companies to work for in Berlin. As such, they are incredibly hard to get into and they don’t just hire anyone. At the moment, they’re looking to recruit backend engineers, quality assurance engineers, and data analysts.

15) HomeToGo – With the largest holiday home search engine in the world, HomeToGo is currently hiring a senior marketing manager, data scientist, and customer care agents. They’re said to be a good place to work, with an international team, so get your application in now.

16) Doodle – Doodle has a pretty fantastic scheduling tool intending to make your business life way easier. As with many Berlin based companies, most of the positions listed are tech related. Doodle has a great culture and people who work there tend to love their jobs and the working environment. They hire English speakers and will assist with visas if required.

17) Contorian – Has an online shop offering a range of professional tools, workshop equipment, consumables for the handy of us out there in the world (seriously, my dad now passed, would have spent a serious amount of money in their shop ordering drills and other things). They have tons of open positions spanning from marketing, customer service, data science, human resources, sales, and more.

18) Fit Analytics – With an office in Berlin Friedrichshain, this company uses data and research to help apparel retailers better market their clothing online. They’re hiring sales people and software engineers. 

19) Ableton – Ableton makes hardware and software for music production, creation and performance. With an ever evolving product with an incredibly loyal user base and community, this is one of the top places to work in Berlin. They speak English in the workplace and can also assist you with visa applications. At time of writing, they were looking for an interior designer, accountant, and an IT administrator.

20) Plentific – A company that’s growing quickly, they are a service that helps housing providers manage their properties and tap into a marketplace of trades people for repair and maintenance work. These guys have a lot of open positions and are seeking talent in sales, marketing, account management, engineering, and more.

21) Lingoda – Long before the pandemic, Lingoda offered online language learning classes. This Berlin based company is looking for candidates who are enthusiastic, curious, and creative thinkers. Sound interesting? Check their offerings for positions like product managers, marketing analysts, and CRM specialists.

22) Smava – One of the very first German fintech companies, Smava offers a loan platform that is beneficial for consumers and banks alike. Join their growing team for jobs like copywriters, sales managers, and product managers. English is spoken in the workplace and they’re willing to support you with visas.

23) Heyjobs – Heyjobs has a platform helping both job seekers and recruiters cut through some of the more annoying parts of the recruitment process. With 120 employees, a cool office in Kreuzberg, the company also boasts a leadership team where 50% of them are women! They are seeking people in finance, account management, as well as multiple people for their engineering team. If you don’t want to apply for a job with them, register on their website to help you find a job in Berlin.

24) Spark Networks – This global company has a number of free and premium dating apps. If you want to make a difference in the world of online dating, apply to join their team. They are looking for candidates in the areas of brand management, business intelligence, and finance. Perks of working there include things like a Blinkist subscription, having your transit pass costs covered, and access to Urban Sports Club (of course, only useful once the current lockdown restrictions are lifted.)

25) Hello Fresh – Hello Fresh is big all around the globe, but they started right here in Berlin. They are well loved as they bring busy people fresh ingredients, with easy to follow recipes, so we can prepare meals without thinking too much about it. They are growing fast, so take a look at their open positions in marketing, logistics, and food quality/safety. 

As mentioned above, this list started as a top ten and will be frequently updated – we’re now at 25 featured companies. Check back here often as this list grows.

Are we missing any of the big players? Any of the smaller ones? Drop us a comment below and we’ll be sure to add your suggestions.

Resources To Help You Find A Job In Berlin

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I’m a relocation coach who can help you with your Berlin job search. I’ve lived in Berlin for close to a decade and during this time, I’ve held 5 different visas and worked as a freelance and permanent employee at 7 different companies. I’ve been “around the block” so to speak and can say from personal experiences about what works or doesn’t work when it comes to finding a job here. 

As such, I’m pleased to offer some valuable resources, completely free of charge:

💖  Do you want to know how to find a job in Berlin? Read this article for loads of practical tips.

💖  How easy is it to find a job in Berlin right now, especially in the wake of COVID-19? Despite the odds stacked against you, it’s not impossible. Check this article about the reality of finding work in Berlin

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Good To Know About Berlin

Companies In Berlin Hiring Right Now - Come To Berlin
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