I’ve profiled some seriously weird and offbeat attractions throughout my years of travel. Some of my favorites are oddball statues like the peeing Bad Bad Boy statue in Helsinki and the Bruce Lee statue in Mostar

Years back while traveling through Belgium, I came across another rather delightful statue, the Den Deugniet or Rascal, a little boy forever captured in a naughty full moon stance. 

Get Mooned By Den Deugniet In Antwerp

Belgium is well known for its strange, yet cute, statues. In Brussels, you’ll find three different celebrated statues of a young boy, a young girl, and a dog all caught up in the act of public urination. 

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For reasons unknown, in 1976, artist Luc Verlee created Den Deugniet, this statue depicting a young boy pulling down his pants to reveal his little behind. Smack dab in the middle of Antwerp, it’s a statue that makes you stop in your tracks to take a closer look, and of course, snap some pictures.

The sign on the statue features a song:

At the Oudaan, in the name of the Lord, (Oudaan is the area in Antwerp where the statue stands)
there stands a little guy with naked butt
family of Manneke Pis
you can clearly see he’s a rascal

yes yes yes
people stop for a while
and touch him
but do it with decency
then you can make a wish

it is the prettiest butt
In the whole town
not anywhere in the world
you will find a prettier butt


at the bottom it says
with the whole town but not with me (antwerp proverb mening you can’t bully us)
and if you don’t understand what that means
believe you me, you are not from around here


John Lundström

Thankfully a wonderful reader properly translated the words to the song, written and sung by John Lundström, a local folk singer who passed away in 1990.

Den Deugniet is a statue that will make you smile, laugh, and shake your head in wonder. If you happen to be spending time in Antwerp, give this guy a little love, and go see him! 

Also worth noting, is the image of Den Deugniet also features on a Belgium beer label of the same name, so give it a try when dining out.

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What do you think about this mooning little rascal or Den Deugniet? Can you recommend other weird and offbeat attractions in Antwerp?

Den Deugniet Location

Where is this little rascal in Antwerp? You can find it at Korte Gasthuisstraat 36, 2000 Antwerpen, Belgium. 

Den Deugniet FAQ

There are some things that you should know before visiting the cheeky Den Deugniet. Here are the answers to the most common questions:

1) When can I see the statue? You can visit anytime, as it’s in a public space.

2) What’s the closest metro station? The nearest metro station is Groenplaats.

3) Do I have to pay to see the statue? No, thankfully this piece of public art is free to enjoy. 

4) How much time do I need to see the statue? Depending on how much you love the statue, not more than five minutes.

5) Can I take photos? Most definitely and photos are in fact, highly encouraged. 

Transportation Options In Antwerp

Some information about your transport options in Antwerp, Belgium: 

1) To reach Antwerp’s city center, you can choose between a train, taxi, or bus:

  • From the airport – Antwerp’s airport (ANR) is about 5 kilometers from the city center. Buses run frequently from the airport, taking you to Berchem train station which connects you to multiple lines that run into the city. The ride in should take around 20-30 mins a single fare ticket will run around €3. If you’re driving from the airport, it will take you about 15 minutes to get into the heart of the city. A taxi will run you around €10. 
  • From the main train station – The city’s main railway station, Antwerpen Centraal Station, is located in the middle of the city. Use public transit, walk, or take a taxi to get where you need to go. 
  • From the main bus stops –  Eurolines has a location not far from the main train station at Van Stralenstraat 8 and Flixbus has two stops, Koningin Astridplein (also near Centraal Station) and Berchem. From any of these stops, use public transit, your own two feet, or a taxi. 

2) Getting around Antwerp:

  • Taxis – As with some countries, there’s not much need to worry about taxi scams in Antwerp. A popular local company is Taxivervoer Antwerpen.
  • RidesharingUber is available and offers an alternative to traditional taxi services.
  • Bikes – You can rent bikes in Antwerp using Velo, the city’s bike-sharing service. It’s a fun, sporty, and eco-friendly way to get around so if you love yourself and the planet, take a bike.
  • Public TransitDe Lijn has a network of buses, trams, and underground trams (the pre-metro). A single-ticket journey is €3, so if you’re taking multiple trips, it’s worthwhile and cheaper to invest in a day pass, a three-day pass, or a 10 journeys pass. Download their app for cheaper tickets and added convenience. Check their website for more information. Note, buses, and trams often run late when traffic is congested during rush hours.
  • Driving– If you want to drive in Antwerp, consider renting a car.

For more information about how to get around Antwerp, see Wikitravel.

Where To Stay In Antwerp

Some of Antwerp’s best accommodation choices?


Paying For Things In Belgium

Tips and tricks to help you manage your money and cards when you’re travelling in Belgium:

1) Belgium uses the Euro:

  • See xe.com to find out how your currency compares to the Euro.
  • Most places accept bank or credit cards. There are also bank machines open all around the city in case you want to get some cash. 
  • If you do pay by card, you’ll be asked which currency you want to pay in – choose to pay in the local currency, as you’ll save money on the exchange rate.

2) Belgium is more expensive than other European destinations, so you may find yourself needing to budget when it comes to accommodation, eating out, and more.

3) If you can avoid it, exchange your money in the city center, as exchange rates at the airport tends to be quite high. 

Good To Know About Antwerp 

Some things to know as you’re out and about in Antwerp:

1) To really experience Antwerp, go on a tour:

2) As Belgium is part of the European Union, if you have an EU based phone number, you won’t incur any data roaming charges.

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