Eurotrip – Eastern European Style

Well, it’s that time.  Time for what you ask? It’s time for my “Eurotrip!” That’s right, tomorrow, I’ll embark on my next travel adventure – a 5 city, 5 country tour through Eastern Europe that will bring me to Munich, Vienna, Prague, Bratislava and Budapest. (You can read my previous post about it here.)

Mulled Wine at a Christmas Market in Vienna, Austria
Mulled Wine at a Christmas Market in Vienna, Austria

To say that I am excited would be an understatement. I’m pretty sure I won’t sleep much tonight. Although I’ll be tired and braving my way through long airport line-ups, suffering through two flights and a layover and enduring limited seating space (I’m flying economy), I’ll be smiling. After all, an incredible and unforgettable journey awaits!

This trip will be awesome for lots of reasons:

  1. I’ll be visiting amazing, beautiful, historic cities and seeing more of the world, fulfilling my dreams and (somewhat) satisfying my insatiable lust for travel.
  2. It will help me figure out if I really want to live and work abroad in Europe.
  3. It will give me plenty of new material for future blog posts.
  4. It will give me the chance to meet new people and make new friends.

I have some misgivings as well but am trying to look at things from a positive perspective:

  1. I booked an organized tour which means I won’t be able to carve out my own itinerary and must adhere to their schedule. I usually prefer to go somewhere, plan out activities based on my specific interests and do things at my own pace. The one key advantage to a tour? Less planning and research. They’ve taken care of everything. All I need to do is show up.
  2. The visit to each city is so brief, that I won’t really be able to truly experience all it has to offer. On the plus side, my brief exposure to these cities mandates future visits.
  3. I’m going on my own and won’t be home for Christmas! I’m going to miss being with my family. The good thing is that I’ll be seeing them early in the new year armed with really cool gifts from the Christmas markets and many a story to tell.

By Saturday night, I’ll be in Munich attempting to consume a stein of beer at a local “bier haus”. The tour then begins in earnest on Sunday. Squeal!

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  1. Thanks! Hopefully it will be a good one. Also, hoping there will be some cool people in the group who are a bit younger and fun to hang out with. Have a fantastic Christmas down in South America. Enjoy the heat.

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