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Just last month, I finally got to add a new country to my list. Country #24 was none other than Portugal and it all started with three days in the hot and sexy city of Lisbon. My itinerary was jammed packed full of fun activities, good food and laughter filled times with a group of 6 other travel bloggers as we bunked together in a holiday flat courtesy of Housetrip.

Thanks to them, I’m now able to tell you exactly how you can experience Lisbon to the fullest for yourself. Start by watching this video featuring my favorite Instagram postcards of Lisbon.

Now how did we manage to see all of these rather awesome sights? Well, we took three different tours that brought us to every nook and cranny of the city and even nearby towns.

1) Walking Tour – Do the Experience Lisbon Walk with Urban Adventures and tour Lisbon using your own two feet. Your guide (I recommend Paulo) will take you to some of the city’s most famous landmarks, vibrant multi-cultural neighborhoods like Mouraria and have you sample all sorts of local food and drink like cheese, seafood and green wine. After all that food, you certainly won’t mind the sometimes arduous uphill climbs as make your way around the city. The tour usually lasts 3 – 4 hours and costs 26 euros per person.

Iconic Lisbon Sidewalk.

2) Sidecar Tour – Believe it or not, it’s actually possible to tour Lisbon by motorcycle with the Sidecar Touring Company. You and a buddy can book a big vintage hog, complete with a driver named Hannibal and race through the streets of Lisbon. Choose the Lisbon at Night tour which starts at sunset to view the city when it’s veiled in a beautiful and romantic light. As city tours are never complete without food, you’ll stop for some Pastel de Belรฉm. Your ride will take about 2 – 3 hours and costs 85 euros per bike/sidecar which can hold 2 people.

Panoramic City View of Lisbon.

3) Day Trip – Book the X-Day Trip with We Hate Tourism Tours not only because you love the ridiculously cute name of their company but to introduce yourself to the area surrounding Lisbon. You’ll hit up over 10 attractions including the castle and palace filled Sintra, the beach town of Caiscais and the “end of the world” at Caba Da Roca, the Western most point in continental Europe. Your tour includes a van, local driver and tour guide (ask for the very lovely Martha) and a heck of a lot of food! Before long you’ll be wishing you were wearing your favorite pair of buffet pants as you feast on queijada, ice cream, Pastel de Belรฉm and a picnic lunch complete with Portugese wine. The tour runs 7 hours and costs 45 euros per person.

Castles and Palaces in Sintra.

Caiscais Beach.

4) Eat and Drink –  If you’re looking for a little fast food over lunch, try some roasted chicken at Bonjardim restaurant. For a traditional Portugese dining experience and Fado performance, head to Mesa de Frades. For just 38 euros a person, you’ll be treated to food, drink and music. If you’re really lucky, you’ll meet the sexy fado singer who just happens to look like Motorcycle Dairies star Gael Garcia Bernal and has a voice of an angel.

Fado at Mesa de Frades.

I recorded our fado singer live as we were eating dinner. Give him a listen by clicking play on any of my Soundcloud clips below.

5) Live – Skip the hotel and find yourself the perfect place to “live” by renting a holiday flat from Housetrip in Lisbon. Our group of travel bloggers was put up in this beautiful seven bedroom flat in the Marques de Pombal area!

Holiday Flat in Lisbon with Housetrip.

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  1. @Shamis – Thank you! Lisbon was amazing and I look forward to someday returning to spend time exploring it on my own.

    @Laurel – You definitely need to head there soon. And thanks so much, I stayed up until 4:30 AM working on it Friday night. Cue for nerd alert!

  2. @Audrey – Thanks so much, I’m really just starting to use video and sounds so it’s always nice to hear when people like it!

    @Kurt – Thanks. I highly recommend Lisbon for sure! I can’t wait to get myself back there.

  3. Seems like you are a proper expert on Lisbon after all this! Super bummed, met with the guy from We Hate Tourism tours today but unfortunately won’t have time to join one of their tours. He gave me all the details though so will be exploring Sintra and Caiscais tomorrow…I can’t wait ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. These are gorgeous and I love the background music! I can definitely see Lisbon being the next “it” spot. I definitely want to go to Portugal since everyone has been raving about it!

  5. @Andrea – Thanks. It was really fun to be in Lisbon and great also hanging out with you again! ๐Ÿ˜€

    @Adam – You need to get there Adam. It’s like hipster paradise. ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. I’ve always wanted to go to Portugal and these pictures are giving me itchy feet for sure!

  7. @Reena – Portugal is a really special destination and Lisbon is simply amazing! I really hope that you get to enjoy it for yourself someday soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I’m headed to Lisbon for the first time this month and I’m bonkers excited. Thanks for the tips!

  9. There’s plenty of things to do and see on the Lisbon Region. Not only Lisbon itself, Sintra and Cascais but also 30 km north, you have Mafra and Ericeira which worth a visit.


  10. Oh man, man! here i am in Berlin, home sick with saudades from my home town, and there i find out in internet, that this girl who travels around the world had just visited those places i miss so much! I am from Lisboa, i know that city like the palm of my hand and i have also lived in some otherEuropean capital cities…but i must say ( of cours i am very suspicious! ) that Lisboa has it all, pehaps not the money…but the charm, the light, sun, sea, river, good weather, good food, good whine and friendly cityzens. But Lisboa it is not only Fado,pastel de nata, Ronaldo, sangria and sardinhas! One must know it’s past and recent history to better wonderstand the city and its people. Any way, thank you for posting it, it made my day!
    ps- you’ve forgot to visit Arrabida.

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