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One of the things that made me especially excited about my early August vacation to San Francisco, California was it’s reputation for having good restaurants. I looked forward to having some tasty food and wasn’t disappointed when I had dinner at Fresca Restaurant.

Fresca Restaurant offers “noveau Peruvian cuisine” and has over 3 locations in the city. I dined at their Fillmore location. They have received great reviews on Yelp.

As outlined on their web site:

At Fresca, we aim to offer a personal rendition of Peruvian gourmet cuisine where typical methods of cooking, fine Peruvian produce and the legacy of our common food culture are all subjected to an innovative gastronomical approach . Carrying this line of thinking further, we view it as a challenge to play a part in bringing a regeneration of Peruvian  culinary craft, in its capacity to encompass the world with its distinctive tastiness and special regional character.

Our intention at Fresca is to create and to prepare a distinctively advanced kind of cuisine, while nonetheless conjoining our patently Peruvian approach with a matter of purity and simplicity in the approach. These values are reflected in our menus’ ultimate articulation and manifest themselves both in the construction and presentation of the individual courses and in the means of preparation and ingredients upon which they are based.

The restaurant was fairly busy when I arrived with a group of about 8 people waiting outside. I had a reservation and thought I would get in fairly quickly but this was unfortunately not the case.  I waited outside for almost an hour before being seated!

The owner was very gracious though and gave everyone who was waiting outside free alcoholic drinks. The patio also has a heater so you could stay warm while you wait.  While I am not a big fan of waiting, I really wanted to eat there. I took the filled restaurant restaurant as a sign that good food was to come. I ended up having a fun time sitting outside talking to a very nice couple from LA . They had dined there before and gave me some tips about about what dishes to eat.

Other people did not take the waiting very well and left when their reservations times were not honored. Others without reservations left as well when the waiting time became too long. The owner definitely needs to figure out a way to deal with this situation.

The food was indeed worth the wait. It was really good. I had the “ceviche 5 elementos”  (which was nicely spiced) with halibut, onion, rocoto pepper, lime juice, sea salt. I also had the “lomo saltado” with wok fried tenderloin steak strips, onion, tomato, cilantro, soy, french fries, steamed rice.

The restaurant felt warm and cozy and as I looked around, everyone seemed to be enjoying their meals and appeared very happy.

The service was average but really slow due to their being so busy. It took me a long time to get my bill after I had requested it from the waiter.

The restaurant only serves wine (and they do have a nice selection), but not cocktails so much to my dismay, I was not able to have a Pisco Sour.

I still heartily recommend this restaurant to others!  I would suggest making a reservation for early evening to avoid the dinner rush and possible long wait. Either that, or just come when you have time to spare and are not in a hurry. 😉

Here are a few pictures from my Fresca experience:

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