From The Roof Of Milan’s Duomo.

The very first time you cast a gaze on the “Duomo di Milano“, you’ll immediately understand why it is one of the city’s most notable and popular tourist attractions.

Taking over 600 years to complete, the cathedral is the largest in all of Italy. As the construction process was so lengthy, the finished piece is a mixture of architectural styles.

There are those who love the grandeur of the cathedral while others find fault. Art critic, John Ruskin feels that the styles are stolen “from every style in the world: and every style spoiled. The cathedral is a mixture of Perpendicular with Flamboyant, the latter being peculiarly barbarous and angular, owing to its being engrafted, not on a pure, but a very early penetrative Gothic“.

Whatever you think, the duomo’s certainly a commanding and breath taking structure. Said Mark Twain in 1867, “However you look at it, the cathedral is noble and beautiful. Wherever you are in Milan or within seven miles from Milan, it is visible, and when there is no other that can compete with him in attracting attention.”

For a small fee you can take the lift (6 euros) or stairs (4 euros) to the rooftop where you can observe the intricate architectural detailing. There are a lot of spires!

View From the Roof of Milan's Duomo

While on the rooftop last month, I snapped this photo that really highlights some of this detailing. The building in the background provides a lovely contrast. 

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  1. Milan is a beautiful city. I first visited this city about 10 years back and the city still has the same charm when ever I visit.

  2. The Duomo is an amazing site–when you turn the corner and see it for the first time it’s grandeur is breathtaking! I love going to the Rinascente department store across the via from it, up to the terrace where there is an Obika restaurant–you can sit there and sip prosecco and be eye level with that amazing roof!

  3. Agree. Nothing really prepares you for that first gaze. Regardless of the confused style of architecture, I think it’s quite beautiful too.

    I’ll have to check out Obika the next time I’m in Milano. Thanks for the tip. 🙂

  4. I am so amazed at Europe’s grand cathedrals–600 years to complete! That’s older than the U.S.!

  5. Lovely shot Cheryl. The last time I was in Italy I was using a disposable camera (ugh!). Would love to go back again…taking photos being one of the many reasons.

    Thanks for posting to Travel Photo Thursday!

  6. No prob Nancie. I love your photo series and how it involves other travel bloggers. We are such a great community. 🙂

    Hope you make it back to Milano sometime!

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