Getting My Hostel On At Auberge De Paris In Montreal.

When I booked my first ever stay at a youth hostel, Auberge De Paris in Montreal, I was nervous and excited.

I wasn’t sure what to expect. What if the hostel was unclean? What if there were bedbugs? Would the bed be comfortable? Would my roommates be cool enough to share a room with, hang out with?

I brushed my worries aside. I needed to focus on my priorities.  The whole point of this weekend away to Montreal was to practice travel “on the cheap” continuing with my mission to transform myself from a princess into a hosteling backpacker.

First Impressions

When my cab dropped me off at the hostel, I fell in love with the European structure of Auberge De Paris.  Housed in a heritage mansion, the building is more than 100 years old.

Auberge De Paris From A Distance
Auberge De Paris From A Distance

The great part about this?  I can say that I stayed in a mansion which cost a mere $25 a night!

The hostel is in a great location and within walking distance to the Latin quarter, L’avenue de Mont Royal, Ste-Catherine Street and a subway station to connect you to other parts of the city.

When I saw the sign Hotel De Paris, I was confused.  I thought it was called Auberge De Paris. Turns out that the mansion is home to both a youth hostel and hotel with the youth hostel being located in the basement and the hotel on the upper floors.

Hotel De Paris in Montreal
Hotel De Paris in Montreal

The hostel also has an on-site bistro, Bistro De Paris which serves breakfast and lunch.

This is the cute little waiting area near the front desk.

Waiting Area Near The Front Desk
Waiting Area Near The Front Desk

The staff at the front desk were as friendly and helpful as any concierge would be at a larger, more costly hotel. They handed me a city map, provided me with detailed transit instructions and gave me great advice about a place to have brunch on Saturday morning. Moreover, they were extremely patient with all my questions about the hostel itself.

The Hostel

As I walked downstairs to the hostel, I came across this pile of trash and junk.

They really need to do something about this! It looks horrible.  There’s no good reason that this couldn’t be cleaned up and some of the items stored outdoors. Also, the walls could use a  coat of paint and the old decrepit carpet could be lifted and replaced.

The Stairs Leading Down To The Hostel Are Nicely Decorated ... With Trash?
The Stairs Leading Down To The Hostel Are Nicely Decorated … With Trash?

After coming downstairs, you walk along this long hallway. Thankfully the trail of trash had stopped. Unfortunately, the bad smell did not.

Sortie - Reminds You That You're In Montreal
Sortie – Reminds You That You’re In Montreal

Arriving in the common area, things started to get better.

Common Area
Common Area

I never stayed in residence when I went to post secondary school, but I’d imagine it to look something like this.

Ikea Furniture Abounds At Auberge De Paris
Ikea Furniture Abounds At Auberge De Paris

One of the hostel’s best amenities is the free (non-secure) wi-fi. The connection is lightening fast! A little office space is also set-up for those without laptops.

Office Space And Free Wifi
Office Space And Free Wifi

While other areas are a little run-down and could use some sprucing up, the kitchen is spacious and modern.

Modern Kitchen And Lots Of Places To Store Your Munchies
Modern Kitchen And Lots Of Places To Store Your Munchies

I woke up to the smells of other people cooking breakfast each day, making me quite hungry. The smell of yummy food would briefly replace the weird smell that overtook the hostel.

Cook Your Own Meals Just Like You Were At Home
Cook Your Own Meals Just Like You Were At Home

The Room

I booked an all female dorm that could sleep up to 6 people.

There are lockers to store your valuables, costing $1 per use. If you don’t have a “loonie” (Canadian one dollar coin) on hand, you can get change from the front desk.

I ended up having only one roommate for the weekend, a girl from Paris, France who was actually living at the hostel. She was quiet and kept to herself. Nice enough, we had a good conversation on Saturday night about where she was from and how she came to be living in Montreal and the hostel itself.

Other than her, the hostel was almost empty of people that weekend. I only saw one or two other men around. One said hi and the other looked right through me when I said hi to him.  The social experience I had been looking forward to was certainly lacking.

6 Bed Female Dorm
6 Bed Female Dorm

Continuing with the college dorm theme, the bunk beds make you feel like a child again. I grabbed an upper bunk and slept in bed #1.

Each single bed is moderately comfortable. It comes with fresh linen, one pillow and one light blanket.

The room was simple, but clean.

My only complaint was that the room was hot. So hot that it felt like a sweat lodge, a ceremonial sauna.  My first night there was a religious, purifying experience. I was in sweat pants, a t-shirt and slept without a blanket. I was still hot.

The next morning I spoke with the front desk and they advised as to where the heater’s switch was located. I turned it off and slept quite comfortably the following night.

The room had it’s own private bathroom with one toilet and a shower.  I had a few issues with the bathroom.

The sink was plugged and the water wasn’t draining properly. One of the lights was burnt out.  Quick fixes, I let the front desk know when I was checking out and they promised to address it as soon as possible.

The other issue is that the shower curtain isn’t long enough and when you shower, the bathroom floor gets flooded. I didn’t say anything to the front desk but my advice is to bring sandals. Not just for this hostel, but for any hostel  you stay in when you’re sharing public bathroom facilities.

Other advice? Bring your own towel. I forgot to bring one and it cost me an additional $3 to rent one from the hostel.

Bunk Beds Make You Feel Like A Child Again
Bunk Beds Make You Feel Like A Child Again

This amusing sign provides the rules for an enjoyable stay.  I personally had a really tough time complying with rule #8.

Hostel Rules - I Personally Had A Problem With #8
Hostel Rules – I Personally Had A Problem With #8


While parts of the hostel are a little bit worn and could use some updating, the good outweighs the bad. The location of the hotel, the spacious and modern kitchen, the helpful and friendly front desk staff (on duty 24/7) and the free and fast wi-fi connection make Auberge De Paris a place worth staying.

Total cost for the weekend was $56, plus taxes.  $25 per night, $3 for using a locker and $3 to rent a towel. For this price, I will continue to stay at hostels.

If you’re not up to a hostel experience, stay at the Hotel De Paris upstairs offering rooms at affordable rates, starting at $69 a night.

If you are considering staying at a hostel for the first time, here’s a great article from which outlines what you can expect.

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  1. Hostels are such a great way to meet other travelers. Glad your first experience went well!

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