Book Your Next Flight, Train Ride, or Bus in Europe Using the Omio / GoEuro App

Book Your Next Flight, Train Ride, or Bus in Europe Using the Omio / GoEuro App

A few weeks ago I took off to Lüneburg for a fast 24 hours. Planning the trip from Berlin was pretty easy – I booked my hotel directly on and my train on Deutsche Bahn. While I got a fair deal on the hotel, the train ticket was quite expensive at a whopping €106. 

If I’d known better, I would’ve used the Omio (formerly GoEuro) app to book my transportation from Berlin to Lüneburg and back. Not only would I have been presented with options for a cheaper fare, I would have seen more direct routes which would have gotten me there faster. 

Book Your Next Flight, Train Ride, or Bus Trip Using the Omio / GoEuro App

GoEuro App
In addition to their website, Omio / GoEuro has a mobile app, available on both iOS and Android. Using their simple search tool, you can look at the cost of transportation for flights, train rides, and bus trips from one screen. Available in 15 different countries and more than 100,000 destinations across Europe, they show you the fastest and cheapest routes to get to your destination. With more than 20,000,000 monthly visitors, it’s easy to see why so many people use GoEuro to book their transportation in Europe. 

If I’d booked my train ride using the Omio / GoEuro app, my roundtrip fare would be come to around €50 – a savings of more than €50! I’d also would have taken a direct train there instead of connecting through Hannover on the way there and Hamburg on the way back. 

Omio / GoEuro App Features

Why use the Omio / GoEuro app to book your transportation through Europe? Let’s take a closer look at some of the app’s main features.

1) Search for a Route

GoEuro App Search Page
Begin by entering some basic search details – where your journey will start and end, the dates which you’re travelling, and the number of people travelling. Then tap on the Search button to see related results.

Now you can filter the search results by recommended trips, fastest, and cheapest. The ability to sort your search results this way is especially powerful, as depending on your needs, you can choose what works best for you. If you’re a budget conscious type, you may not mind an early morning departure. If you’re someone who wants to get somewhere fast with the least number of transfers, you may not mind paying a bit more for that convenience. 

It was especially useful to know that taking a bus to Lüneburg may have been cheaper, but would’ve been way more time consuming. Also, it was good to know that taking a flight wasn’t an option. 

GoEuro App Bus Results
2) Book a Trip

As train travel is my preferred method of travel for quick trips around Germany, I used the app to take a look at what my travel options for Lüneburg would have been. And booking European trains with the GoEuro app is very easy. Start by selecting your outbound trip. Once done, you’ll be taken to another screen where you can choose your return journey. Tap on your your preferred option to proceed. 

Now it’s time to select a seating class. As I’m not really a fancy person and well, German trains (especially the ICE) are really nice, I usually go for second class. You can also specify whether or not you’d like a Savings or Flex fare. If you know for sure when you’re going to travel, it’s way more affordable to select the Savings fare. If you’re the “fly by the seat” of your pants kind of person, you can skip making a seat reservation. Perhaps, I’m a little obsessive compulsive, but I can never travel on a train without a seat reservation. It’s worth the piece of mind knowing I have a seat for the whole journey.

Lastly, you can specify a seating preference – from compartment type, to position, and which zone of the train you’d like to be located in. 

After you’ve input your seating preferences, tap on the orange button to continue to the Passenger Details Screen. Your personal details will already be populated if you’ve already added them under the Passenger Details section of the Omio / GoEuro app. If not, add them here. If you have a BahnCard, add in your number here to qualify for a fare discount and other travel rewards. Then it’s time to review your journey details one last time before you pay. Tap on the Review Journey Details buttons to finish. 

Now you can select your payment method – credit card, Maestro, or even PayPal and then add the related information. Entering a billing address is optional and if you have a Omio / GoEuro voucher code, you can also add it here. When you’ve ensured your trip and financial details are correct, tap the orange Pay Now button. 

After a few moments, a confirmation will appear on screen to tell you that you’ve successfully completed your booking. Phew! It may seem like you did a lot of work and entered a huge amount of information to get to this point, but the process really only takes a few minutes. I was so convinced about the app that I even used it to book my trip to Bremen next weekend. 

Best of all is that Omio / GoEuro provides you with a mobile ticket, which is also available offline. You don’t have to print your ticket or download it to your phone.

GoEuro App Booking Confirmation
3) View Your Booking 

After you’ve completed your booking, you can view it anytime from the main menu under the My Bookings option. 

GoEuro My Bookings
From there, you can see Upcoming trips and Archived (past) trips. Tap on a trip to see trip details and access your mobile ticket.

4) Other GoEuro App Perks

Aside from the main features we’ve already highlighted, there are a few other features that make the Ommio / GoEuro app stand apart from others. 

To speed up the booking process you can add in your passenger details (i.e. name, date of birth, passport number etc.), payment methods, preferred currency, and discount card (like a BahnCard.)

You can also login via Facebook or Google.

Good to Know

1) To put it simply, the Omio / GoEuro app is the perfect app to book transportation across Europe. What we love most about it is that you can search for bus, train, and flight options from a single app, quickly and easily make a booking, and then easily retrieve your mobile ticket later on. 

Download the  Omio / GoEuro app today.

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Go Euro - App Review
*Disclosure – In order to provide helpful information to assist you in booking transportation for your next Euro trip, I collaborated with Omio (formerly GoEuro). As always, any opinions expressed here are entirely my own.

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