Instagram Postcards Of Berlin – Apr and May 2012 Edition.

In keeping on with my Expat Living series showing what day-to-day life is like for me as an expat in Berlin, here’s the next installment of Instagram photos showing what I was up to in Apr and May of this year.

Admittedly, I spent most of April away from Berlin and travelled to Gdansk where I glimpsed the Baltic Sea for the first time, Budapest where I experienced a magical moment watching dusk settle over the city and Umbria where I watched men in tights throw flags and even took a donkey ride through the mountains. While being on the road was fun, it was really nice to come home and settle down for a while (which incidentally turned out to be only four weeks).

Home meant starting a new job as one of the bloggers for the Concorde Hotel in West Berlin and doing things like checking out the posh Astor Film Lounge for my first ever German movie watching experience and sleeping in the same bed as Halle Berry after spending a night in a Concorde suite!

I also enjoyed Berlin’s annual May Day festivities and watched the Bear City Derby play a couple of roller derby games.

Postcards of Berlin. Watched Ziemlich beste Freunde with a friend while leisurely sipping a Hugo in a reclining leather lounge chair.

Postcards of Berlin. Between my April travels, I was a cat sitter looking after this cute and extremely playful feline, Ursula.

Postcards of Berlin. After being away for so long, I was only too happy to glimpse Berlin from above as I flying home from Rome.

Postcards of Berlin. And then it was spring in Berlin and cherry blossoms decorated the streets around my kiez.

Postcards of Berlin. Celebrated My Fest with Nicole and Adam (who took some fantastic photos of the event) to watch all of Berlin’s hipsters come out to peacefully drink and dance in the streets of Kreuzberg.

Postcards of Berlin. Hung out in Volkspark Friedrichshain and dipped my feet in the pool of the fairy tale fountain.

Postcards of Berlin. Stumbled upon what seemed to be the world’s largest snail while walking to catch the tram one morning. 

Postcards of Berlin. Say hello to the bed where Halle Berry once slept. I never said we slept in the same bed at the same time! This is the Dolomite suite at the Hotel Concorde.

Postcards of Berlin. Partied like a rock star here in the Dolomite Suite.

Postcards of Berlin. It was like Whip It come to life when I watched the Berlin Bombshells play in a couple of roller derby matches.

Postcards of Berlin.  Cheering on the Berlin Bombshells.

Postcards of Berlin. Attended the opening party for Hostel One 80 with Kash from Budget Traveller. This guy laid here all night barely moving!

Postcards of Berlin. Spent a day at the park with friends having a picnic (and getting lots of free food from random families) and this was the sky above us.

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That wraps up another edition. If you’re interested in stalking me online, follow me on Instagram (@cdngrrleh) or view my photo stream to see photo updates about my life in Berlin and on the road.

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  1. I can totally see you partying like a rock star 🙂 I also saw Ziemlich beste Freunde and really liked it, even though I didn’t catch everything.

  2. The aerial view of Berlin was so nice and I also love those cherry blossoms on the streets
    I didn’t know there are nice cherry blossoms tress in Berlin

  3. great shots! I just love Instagram. It’s such a great way to keep people up to date in the moment of your travels. We haven’t been to Berlin yet, but man, it seems like the place to be. Hopefully in 2013.

  4. @Deb – Thanks so much! I really hope you guys make it to Berlin as it’s such a great city. And best of all, there’s tons of cool travel bloggers who call Berlin home.

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