Instagram Postcards Of Berlin – Aug 2012 Edition.

Continuing with my Instagram Postcards of Berlin series where I showcase just what I’m doing when I’m at home in Berlin and not travelling, here’s how I enjoyed the rest of summer. Curious about what I was doing during the first half? Check out my July highlights.

Between press trips to Brussels and Alpe Di Siusi, I did my best to experience my Berlin expat life to the fullest.

Postcards of Berlin. Explored boutique shops in West Berlin like Chapeaux Hutmode where you can order custom-made hats.

Postcards of Berlin. Unfortunately, I am too poor to purchase pretty hats like this!

Postcards of Berlin. Hit up the cute anti-designer accessory shop Gallery Shrill and met the lovely owners!

Postcards of Berlin. Gallery Schrill is full of quirky accessories like sunglasses and cufflinks (it boasts the largest collection in Europe).

Postcards of Berlin. A lazy Saturday morning brunch at Literaturhaus.

Postcards of Berlin. A wet cold evening with my favorite girl in the world at Zefiro Bistro.

Postcards of Berlin. Enjoyed a Calessino Tour through Berlin with Sandy and Luci West where we checked out iconic sites like Brandenburger Tor.

Postcards of Berlin. Thanks to Luci, she made us famous on the Internet with her In A Berlin Minute about our Calessino Tour. While you’re at it, watch the rest of her videos if you want to know what life is like in Berlin!

Postcards of Berlin. Another stunning urban sunset in Prenzlauer Berg. I heart my kiez more than you know!

Postcards of Berlin. This is an entryway to a children’s school. What?!

Postcards of Berlin. Bashful graffiti and street art in Prenzlauer Berg.

Postcards of Berlin.
Chalk art like this appears quite frequently in my part of Prenzlauer Berg.

Postcards of Berlin. Sun shining through the trees near Tempelhof.

Postcards of Berlin. Industrial wastelands in Berlin where souls go to die.

Postcards of Berlin. Speaking of dead souls, I think they often get lost at rural train stations just outside of Berlin.

Postcards of Berlin. Watched friends learn how to waterski, as I drank beers and cheered from the sidelines.

As I look back on my summer in Berlin, I realize just how incredible my time abroad has been! I’ve experienced life in a way I never thought possible and found true happiness for the first time. I’m thankful each and every day!

Soon I’ll publish my September edition but in the meantime, you can always follow me on Instagram (@cherylhowardblog) to see photo updates about my life in Berlin and of course, on the road.

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