Instagram Postcards Of Berlin – Jul 2012 Edition.

Procrastinate much? Yes, it’s November and here I am publishing posts about my expat life in July. It took me 9 months of living abroad to tell you the whole story about why I moved to Berlin, so you can’t be surprised at the lateness of these posts. So in what may prove to be a vain effort to appear more timely, I’ll publish one of these posts every 1-2 weeks in order to finish up my Instagram Postcards of Berlin by year end.

As readers (primarily my mom) often ask me what life is like in Berlin and what I do when I’m not travelling, here’s a glimpse into the first half of my fun summer in Berlin which included celebrating Canada day with pizza, hanging out in beer gardens, attending fashion week and swimming in lakes.

Berlin Postcards.Who knew there was such a thing as Canadian pizza? A bunch of us crazy Canucks gathered at Ron Telesky to celebrate Canada day.

Berlin Postcards.Hung out at Prater Garten for beer (of course) and a little EC 2012 action.

Berlin Postcards.Chilled by the Spree at Club Der Visionäre.

Berlin Postcards.Dark and stormy Prenzlauer Berg.

Berlin Postcards. Admired urban courtyards.

Berlin Postcards. And also pretty lamps.

Berlin Postcards. Appreciated a local’s attempt my make my wait for the bus more comfortable. And notice, how cigarette advertising is permitted in Germany!

Berlin Postcards.Berliners always find unique ways to apply for jobs.

Berlin Postcards. Was it July or was it December? This man was dancing and rapping at this festive set-up near Potsdamer Platz.

Berlin Postcards. Enjoyed wine on West Berlin’s legendary Bleibtreustraße.

Berlin Postcards.Gazed at the beautiful Siegessäule on my way to some Berlin fashion week events.

Berlin Postcards.Boys on platforms for the SOPOPULAR men’s collection.

Berlin Postcards.Anja Gockel runway show.

Berlin Postcards.Swam in a lake at Schlachtensee.

Stay tuned for the August edition (which I swear will come out soon, really). In the meantime, follow me on Instagram (@cherylhowardblog) to see photo updates about my life in Berlin and on the road.

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  1. Looks like you have lots to do in Germany. Hopefully you will come back to Canada to visit. Love you. Mom

  2. Such a diverse city. Love the cardboard “will code for $$” sign. In English, in Germany. That compared to the ratty couch as well as the high fashion just sort of typifies Berlin in my mind. That said, i have really only visited it twice.

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