Instagram Postcards Of Berlin – Jun 2012 Edition.

Like April and May, June was travel heavy and I wasn’t in Berlin so much. There were wonderful weekend escapes to Munich and Budapest and then there was a rewarding week volunteering with Englischhausen in the Black Forest area of Germany.

Finally home, I had to work a lot. As a freelancer, when I’m not putting in time for one of my clients I’m obviously not bringing “home the bacon” so to speak. So June was a quiet month and when I wasn’t travelling or working, I spent my downtime chilling with friends watching Germany journey their way towards humiliation against the Spaniards in the EC 2012.

So while June was tame compared to other months, I happily snapped up lots of Instagram photos of street art and sunsets.

Berlin Postcards.The M4 tram that I take to Alexanderplatz each day.

Berlin Postcards.Dreamy skies on a lovely summer evening.

Berlin Postcards.Prenzlauer Berg at sunset. 

Berlin Postcards.Friedrichshain at sunset.

Berlin Postcards.Prenzlauer Berg at sunset.

Berlin Postcards.Even the graffiti in Prenzlauer Berg is pretty.

Berlin Postcards.Berlin love notes started appearing everywhere in Prenzlauer Berg.

Berlin Postcards.A chilled evening at Kottbusser Tor with Travels of Adam.

Berlin Postcards.My favorite drink since moving to Berlin – aperol spritz.

Berlin Postcards.Zefiro offers up good tips to their customers and I like their advice!

Stay tuned for the July edition. In the meantime, follow me on Instagram (@cherylhowardblog) to see photo updates about my life in Berlin and on the road.

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