Instagram Postcards Of Berlin – Sep 2012 Edition.

Yep, I’m the queen of procrastination. 6 months after the fact and here’s a blog post featuring my favorite Instagram postcards of September in Berlin.

Instagram Postcards of Berlin.Fall In Berlin Happens to be Ridiculously Beautiful (and Romantic).

My original intention was to finish this series by the end of 2012 but life as it often does, happened to get in the way. I actually moved back to Toronto, started a new job, reunited with friends and moved into a new apartment. As you can imagine, it took time to settle in again.

Missing Berlin, feeling sorry for myself, I became a social recluse in January and February. I spent the time working, working some more and then even some more for good measure. I had nights where I left the office at 10 – 11 PM! In my spare time, I unpacked boxes and tried rather unsuccessfully to assemble my newly purchased Ikea furniture. I even blogged obsessively about everywhere BUT Berlin. It was just too hard.

In a short 18 months, Berlin became my home. Something that I hadn’t expected to happen when I first set out on my crazy journey to move to Berlin. As good as time had been there, I’d been so happy to come home to Toronto that I didn’t think leaving would be so hard. Yet the morning I boarded my plane at Schönefeld, I looked out the window and cried for about 15 minutes straight.

Instagram Postcards of Berlin. These Little Hearts Appeared All Over Prenzlauer Berg Last Summer. (See here, here and here.)

I’m happy to say my little pity party is over and I’ve come out from under my umbrella of depression. I may have given up on my expat living ways for the time being but who knows what the future holds in store? Toronto’s great and it’s my home right now.

So life as an expat in Berlin in September 2012. While August in Berlin was great, September was even better. I spent the first part of the month on the road like usual, heading out to Italy and Portugal and even going on a fun day trip to Braunschweig to see the Happy Rizzi House. Despite all of the travel, I still managed to make the best of my time at home taking in my first ice hockey game abroad and attending a local Oktoberfest celebration.

Instagram Postcards of Berlin. Crochet Bomb on Hufelandstr.

Instagram Postcards of Berlin. At the Alba Truffle Event, This Happened. We drank wine from the year the wall fell down! What?

Instagram Postcards of Berlin. O2 World pre-game and zambonis! It was almost like being back in Canada.

Instagram Postcards of Berlin. The Eisbären (Ice Bears) score a goal! 

Instagram Postcards of Berlin. Sunset from O2 world. You know I have a thing for sunrises and sunsets! Swoon.

Instagram Postcards of Berlin. Berlin Street Art is Unlike Anywhere Else on Earth.

Instagram Postcards of Berlin.“When in Rome” … You Spend Way Too Much Money on a Silly Oktoberfest Boob Bursting Outfit!

Instagram Postcards of Berlin. Put Your Hands Up in the Air.

Instagram Postcards of Berlin. It Was Munich … in Berlin! 

Instagram Postcards of Berlin. Spent an afternoon at Tempelhof eating Mexican Food With Other Expats.

Instagram Postcards of Berlin. A Beautiful Sunset Outside my Office in Neuköln.

Instagram Postcards of Berlin. Brandenburger Tor Looking Fancy During the Festival of Lights.

Instagram Postcards of Berlin. Berliner Dom Decked Out With Numbers?!

Instagram Postcards of Berlin. Berliner Dom Looking Vaguely Russian. 

Instagram Postcards of Berlin. Awwwwww! My baby’s growing up and we have business cards.

Instagram Postcards of Berlin. Stepping Back in Time at the Farmer’s Market at Kollwitzplatz.

Instagram Postcards of Berlin. My Favorite Second Hand English Bookstore in BerlinSaint George’s

My final October and November editions will be coming soon (yes, really) but in the meantime, you can always follow me on Instagram (@cherylhowardblog) to see photo updates about my life in Toronto and of course, on the road.

Founder of Canadian in Berlin. Frequent traveller now at 43 countries and counting.


  1. Very cool.
    I didn’t realize you had tree socks in Berlin too. We saw them in New Zealand.
    I like the idea of a secondhand English bookstore. That is worth a trip for itself.
    My one time spending more than a day in Berlin I actually went to a Hockey game. It was pretty cool. Especially since the normal ticket included no seat. I had to pay more to sit down.

  2. @Andrew – Thanks! That bookstore is great … I used to get most of my travel guides from there. And cool that you made it to a hockey game there! I had a great time and it was interesting to see how it compared to watching a Toronto Maple Leafs hockey game in Toronto.

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