Instagramming Szczecin, Poland … Again.

There’s always places you go back to over and over again. Being the avid traveller I am, I don’t just have one place that beckons my heart to return but many.

There’s Budapest, a city I love more than any other. Then there’s my second home of Berlin where I’m happiest.

I could choose to see new places and sometimes I do but why not revisit places you love?

Each visit is somehow different. Reliving an old experience that feels like it just happened yesterday. Or taking joy in discovering something new. And there’s just something to be said about walking down a street and having it feel familiar.

Every time I walk across the Chain Bridge in Budapest and look down at the Danube and take in the romantic view surrounding me, I know I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.

One such place I like to revisit is Szczecin. It’s the very first place I ever visited in Poland. It doesn’t hold the allure of Krakow or Gdansk and doesn’t really attract a lot of tourists. Yet, I’m enchanted by the architecture, fascinated by the street art and taken in by the cool cafés.

So while on vacation in Berlin this summer, I headed to Poland for the day (Szczecin is an easy day trip) as I wanted to eat some perogies and drink the local Polish brews. I had a very specific craving for this delicious plum flavored beer that I’d had during my last visit the year before.

So “again“, here’s some of my favorite Instagram photos of Szczecin. You can check out my last post about Szczecin here.

Instagamming Szczecin.

Looking out at Szczecin Główny, the main train station.

Szczecin Photos.

Szczecin Photos.

Szczecin is also a major Polish sea port.

Szczecin Photos.

Here’s some of the different buildings around the city, each with their own unique style of architecture.

Szczecin Photos.

Szczecin Photos.

Szczecin Photos.

Szczecin Photos.

This is a typical apartment building in Szczecin.

Szczecin Photos.

Looking down a staircase in one of the parks. It’s actually a very green city and was somewhat modelled after Paris. You’ll find lots of parks, wide avenues and roundabouts in Szczecin.

Szczecin Photos.

I love this photo of the guitar shop set against the back-drop of the cathedral.

Szczecin Photos.

A little cliche but this was me taking a picture of a kid taking a picture.

Szczecin Photos.

As always, the street art in Szczecin great!

Szczecin Photos.

And my favorite piece of street art ever is STILL there! I took a selfie to document our reunion …

Szczecin Photos.

I’m sure I’ll return to Szczecin yet again. There’s still soooo much more I want to discover!

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  1. As always: very nice pictures !
    Did you know you can actually go from Szczecin to Berlin by boat? That’s a pretty cool way, with nice landscape. I advice you to visit Wroclaw as well, well known from the polish but not (yet) too much from abroad tourists.

  2. Thank you so much! I didn’t know you could go to Szczecin by boat. I’ll have to try that next time as it would be such an interesting journey. I’d love to visit Wroclaw as well .. and many other places like Poznan and Warsaw.

  3. We are in Berlin now and looking at the maps. Szczecin seems close and interesting for the “new country” aspect, but however beautiful your pictures are, I wonder if it would be nice in the cold.

  4. There’s nothing wrong with re-visiting places at all. I love doing it. I can see why you want to go back there from your photos.

  5. Andrew – I think it would be just as nice in the cold! Winter offers a different look at a city I think.

    Muza-chan – Thank you!

    Dean – Agree. I have an addictive personality I think.

  6. Another great set of Instagrams! I think we are going to make a quick trip to Poland (our first time there!) in a few weeks.

    Budapest is also my favorite European city. I just absolutely love it there and could go back again and again!

  7. Thanks Jennifer! Oh, you’re going to love Poland. Let me know if you’d like any tips! 🙂

    I miss Budapest, thinking of going there in the new year again.

  8. When I was in Poland, I fell in love with Wroclaw. All these bridges and bikes everywhere. Very nice place! Have you been there?

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