Instatrip: A Berlin Vacation.

Last summer, I happily spent three weeks in my other home of Berlin. Now that I have some German language study under my belt, I’m that much more excited to be heading back this August for yet another three weeks. I finally get to practice actually speaking German, with Germans!

Instatrip: A Berlin Vacation.

You already know how I’m pretty active on Instagram. Taking photos with my iPhone ranks as one of my favourite pastimes.

Berlin also happens to be one of the most photogenic cities on the planet. It explains why I went overboard publishing my Berlin vacation photos not just once, but twice. I even wrote about my boat tour down the Spree and a bike trip to Potsdam.

Berlin Loves You

Believe it or not, there are still Instagram photos from my Berlin vacation that I have not yet published here.

Looking through them makes me homesick and now, more than ever, I cannot wait to get back!

The Gritty and Cool Side to Berlin

I’ve already told you why Berlin is so cool. One of those things that makes it so cool is the epic street art scene.

Berlin Strideby Shot

Berlin Lego Street Art

Prenzlauer Berg, My Favourite Residential Neighbourhood

I used to live in Prenzlauer Berg, a beautiful residential neighbourhood in East Berlin. To say that I loved my kiez would be an understatement.

Seeing these beautiful sunsets and taking in the view from my friend’s balcony remain top highlights from my summer vacation.

Sunset in Prenzlauer Berg

Berlin Sunset

Residential Prenzlauer Berg

The Humorous Side to Berlin

Of course, Berlin has its quirky side like these horses sporting weird hats at Pariser Platz (just outside of Hotel Adlon where Michael Jackson once dangled his son off the balcony).

Horses at Pariser Platz

Or what about this man donning his nation’s colours in the form of a wig? Gosh, I could have used something like this during World Cup!

Wig with German Colours
Brandenburger Tor, Like You’ve Never Seen It

Berlin is simply outstanding at sunset. Add in a big party and a stunning monument like Brandenburger Tor and you have the perfect storm for a bunch of “cloud porn” themed photos.

I spent my last night in Berlin attending an anniversary celebration held by German SPD party. There were rides, music, beer, currywurst and sights like these …

Golden Hour in Berlin

Brandenburger Tor Cloud Porn

Brandenburger Tor at Sunset

There were also some pretty interesting music performances that night. I never thought I could top seeing Haddaway at a 90’s dance party but then there was this, which I tweeted that night:

SPD Party At Brandenburger Tor

Later, Nena of “99 Red Balloons” fame sang her notable song to close the night. Berlin, is always full of surprises! 

Nena at Brandenburger Tor

If you don’t remember this song, which was released in 1983, watch this video for fun.

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  1. Yea, Berlin is kinda amazing like that. I think it may just be the best city in the world for street art. Beautiful sunset picture, by the way!

  2. Really nice to read the comments and see the pictures. I feel the same about Helsinki where I did my Erasmus internship. It gives a really special and happy feeling to come back ‘home’ where you left ‘something’ of your self. Did you see something of the world cup?

    Enjoy it as much as you can!

  3. Thank you Jan! Thanks for stopping by the blog as well. šŸ˜€

    It is a very special feeling. I’m lucky to love two cities so much.

    I did see that game yesterday! What a tragedy for Brazil but happy for my Deutschland. Sunday will be great. šŸ™‚

  4. First, I really like your site and photos!

    Those aren’t ‘weird hats’, they’re fly bonnets – they help keep the flies out of the horses’ ears when they’re working šŸ™‚

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