Locked Out

Last night was the final night of my super fun vacation in Los Angeles. After a really long day that involved quite an adventure in Tijuana, Mexico, I returned to my hotel tired and hungry.

Once settled into my room, I threw on a hotel robe, and ordered a salad and a glass of champagne from room service. After the day I had, I needed a drink! Also, I wanted to come full circle. I had started off my vacation with a glass and was determined to end it the exact same way. 🙂

After finishing my drink and meal, I was ready to go to bed. With that in mind, I picked up the room service tray, opened the door, and placed it in the hallway for pick-up by hotel staff.  Trying to keep a foot in the door as I put the tray down, I slipped, and the door shut firmly behind me, leaving me locked out! Eeek.

I immediately started laughing and was thankful that I the robe on and was fully covered. It could have been MUCH MUCH worse.  However, I had no slippers on and had to make my way barefoot down the hallway a la James Bond style hoping no one would see me.

Luckily, I found a phone by the elevator. What an embarrassing call to make! When the front desk answered the phone, I said “Ummmm hi. I just got locked out of my hotel room. Can you send someone up to help me”? The man who answered asked what happened, laughed when I told him the story, and sent security right away.

The man from Security came within 5 minutes and also got a good laugh out of my predicament.

I have no excuse except that I was tired and had a bizarre day. I wasn’t drunk. I wasn’t high. I just didn’t think things through very well. Further to this, I am apparently extremely clumsy and without ability to perform sophisticated maneuvers such as opening doors and putting trays on floors, while using my foot as a door opener.

Believe it or not, this isn’t the first time I’ve done this. *Insert sheepish grin here.* When I lived in my very first basement apartment,  I locked myself out while wearing a pink robe that looked something like this:

Robe Approved by Mormons
Robe Approved by Mormons

It was early morning and my landlords were at work. It looked like I would be locked out for the whole day and in a ghastly outfit no less! Upon further investigation, it turned out that I had left one the basement windows open and I was able to slip into the house like a bandit.

There you have it! Another entertaining moment in my life. =D

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