A Year in Review: My Top Ten Blog Posts Of 2018

A Year in Review: My Top Ten Blog Posts Of 2018

2018’s coming to a close and what a year we’ve had, am I right? It’s been one hell of a ride. Personal highlights were getting permanent residency, travelling to new countries like Maltahanging out in NYC again, and celebrating four years in Berlin. 

As I did in my 2016 year in review (I’m not sure why I missed out on 2017?), I want to recap the most popular blog posts on cherylhoward.com over the past year. It’s always a fun exercise to see what brought people to the blog and what hopefully, keeps you coming back for more. 🙂 

A Year in Review: My Top Ten Blog Posts Of 2018

My Top Ten Blog Posts of 2018

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Just what were my top ten blog posts of 2018? Counting down from number 10, it seems readers are highly curious about German nudity, finding work and friends in Berlin, as well as travel to Balkan countries like Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia

10) Do Germans Swim Naked?

Ask Cheryl: Do Germans Swim Naked?

Funny how after so many years, this is a still a question which weighs heavily on the mind of so many people. Even funnier is that Google considers me such an expert on nude Germans that I show up as the number one result when you search for “Do Germans swim naked?” Read the article to find out if Germans like to swim in their birthday suits.

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9) Budapest Street Art 

A Tour of District 7: Budapest Street Art

Budapest’s street art scene is pretty epic and this post is a guide to some of the city’s best murals and other lesser known pieces. From what I understand, several new murals have been commissioned around the city since I last wrote this. I can’t wait to update the guide (or write another) when I visit my beloved Budapest again next month. 

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8) Best Berlin Meetup Groups For Meeting New People

Best Berlin Meetup Groups for Meeting New People

Our Make Friends in Berlin meetup group is now closed, but that doesn’t mean I’m any less keen on helping Berliners meet new people. This guide (which I still update from time to time) highlights some of the best meetup groups for connecting to others in the city. 

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7) Prague Photos

Prague Photos: 41 Pictures That Prove It’s the Prettiest City in Europe

Oh baby! We all know Prague is super touristy, but we love it a whole lot anyway. It’s a beautiful city and a place I find myself returning to over and over again. This post takes you on a visual tour of Prague through photos. 

Recommended Prague reading:

6) Cool And Alternative Things To Do In Berlin

10 Cool & Alternative Things to Do in Berlin (That Won’t Break the Bank)

Big publications, like the New York Times, say that Leipzig is the new Berlin. Vogue tells us how Belgrade is the new Berlin. They’re trying to hype the next big thing and make you believe that Berlin has ended its reign as the German capital of cool.  Berlin’s unlike any other place in the world and no one needs to call it cool for it be cool. So if you’re looking for some fun tips from a local (aka me!), read this post to find out how you can have a good time experiencing some of the coolest spots around Berlin. 

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5) Making Friends In Berlin

So I Moved To Berlin. Just How Did I Make Friends?

Another one my top ten blog posts of 2018? This post is more than 5 years old, but remains popular. One of my top tips for meeting new people, is to go and hang out alone at a crowded bar. Smile, look confident, and strike up conversations. Go back there so often that you become well known. It’s one of the easiest and best things you can do to meet new people here. Even in the day and age of Meetup and apps like Tinder, I still swear by this technique. 

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4) Visit Nis Serbia

5 Reasons to Visit Nis Serbia

A couple of years back, I headed to Serbia to take some time off from my day job, work on my blog, and explore a lesser known city with interesting sites like the Skull cathedral and a concentration camp that saw WW2’s largest escape of inmates. Nis surprised me in the best way possible, so read on to find out why you should visit. 

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3) Getting Naked At The German Spa

An Expat’s Account Of Getting Naked at a German Spa

I think we’ve established that I’m the queen of German nudity on Google. As fun as it is to joke about, I’m ready to give up my title. Although it was the third most popular blog post this year, it lost steam in terms of traffic and this is one of the first years that this post wasn’t number one. Finally, I’m attracting people to the blog who are more interested in travel or living abroad than they are in getting naked. Phew!

Recommended Spa reading:

2) Find A Job In Berlin

Tips About How To Find A Job In Berlin In 2020

Another longtime popular post is how to find a job in Berlin. Compared to five years ago when I wrote it, it’s now way easier for foreigners to find a job here, especially if you work in tech. I now see companies regularly recruiting talent from all around the globe. Take for example where I work right now – we have employees from more than 60 countries.  I’ll also be writing some more Berlin job related content in 2019, so watch this space.

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1) Visit Mostar

8 Reasons to Visit Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Number one of my top ten blog posts of 2018, is about all of the reasons to visit Mostar. Without a doubt, it’s one of my favourite places in the world after Budapest. From watching divers plunge off the old bridge, to poignant street art, chances to explore abandoned places, and more, Mostar is very much worth a visit. 

Recommended Balkan reading:

Thank you for visiting and supporting cherylhoward.com in 2018. Stick around, as there’s lots more coming at ya next year. If you have any special content requests, drop a comment below. 

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4) Some of my other favourite 2018 content on the blog that didn’t make the top ten but are still worthwhile reads:

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