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Next month, while touring through Eastern Europe, I’ll be making a stop in Bratislava, Slovakia. Unfortunately, my visit there will be entirely too brief (only a few hours – boo hoo) and I will be unable to complete this next item on “my travel bucket list” which is eating at the UFO Taste Restaurant.

When reading a MSNBC travel article about how Bratislava is the “comeback kid among European capitals”, I was intrigued by the mention of this restaurant.

UFO Taste Restaurant
UFO Taste Restaurant

The restaurant is housed in a prominent landmark, built in the days of the city’s dark Communist past, the “bizarre, flying-saucer-capped New Bridge”. Formerly known as the SNP Bridge, it’s the world’s seventh largest suspension bridge.  Capitalist locals have since turned the venue into a “posh eatery called UFO”.

Aside from the restaurant and bar, there is also an observation deck dubbed “Watch” that was not accessible to locals during the Communist regime. The observation deck was previously closed as it offered views of the “offensively” Capitalist Austria.  Entrance to the observation deck is a minimal cost 6.50 –  euros for adults and 3.35 for kids.  (The fee is waived if you’re eating at the restaurant.)

The bridge is 95 meters in height from base to top and offers views up to 100 km’s away.  If taking the elevator, you’ll reach the observation deck in about 45 seconds. You can also opt to climb it’s 430 stairs.

I think it would be cool to enjoy the views from the observation deck and then partake in a yummy dinner at Taste Restaurant. The menu is seasonal and modified regularly – it contains dishes using a combination of Mediterranean and Asian culinary techniques.

You can also enjoy UFO Groove, when once a month the restaurant is turned into a night club and holds exclusive invitation only parties.

I look forward someday to spending more time in Bratislava and hopefully being able to have dinner at UFO Taste Restaurant. This article from MSNBC highlights what a lovely city Bratislava has become over the last decade and praises the Slovakian government for working so diligently to restore the city and preserve their cultural history.


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