Travel Photo Of The Week – Desert Oasis in Nazca, Peru

Nazca, Peru is most famous for the Nazca Lines, a series of ancient geoglyphs etched into the desert floor.  These mysterious, intricate and skillfully crafted shapes are so mammoth (the largest figure stretches over 200 meters across), they can only be seen by air.

Tourists also come to Nazca to take in majesty of one of the world’s largest sand dunes, Cerro Blanco (a dune in Namibia also vies for bragging rights), which stands over 2070 meters in height.  A popular activity is to ride dune buggies and go snowboarding through the desert.

Other highlights of Nazca include visiting the Cantayoc Aquaducts and taking part in a cemetery tour which still contains ancient skeletal remains, which for some bizarre reason sport Rastafarian hairdos.

While all of these things make a visit to Nazca necessary when touring Peru, I found great joy when I took a few moments to take in this simple yet beautiful scene at the Cantayoc Aquaducts. The lighting provided by the late afternoon sun, cement wall, trees, vibrantly colored flowers and the backdrop of the mountains all combined to create this great shot …

A Desert Oasis in Nazca, Peru
A Desert Oasis in Nazca, Peru

Who would have thought that flowers would grow in such abundance in the middle of the desert? Gorgeous!

If you like this photo and would like to see more from my adventures in Nazca and other parts of Peru, just click on the links and explore my Flickr sets.

Are you interested in touring Nazca, Peru? If yes, G Adventures offers a trip to Nazca that includes some of the highlights mentioned above.

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