Understated Beauty At The Franciscan Church in Bratislava.

The Franciscan Church in Bratislava.

It was a cold winter day when I visited Bratislava and rather unfortunately, my stay there was limited to a short three hours. My parka cocooned me like a warm blanket. As I needed to make the most of my limited time, I enjoyed their charming Christmas market and walked around the Old Town.

Many people have told me they didn’t like Bratislava that much. They said “Don’t worry, Cheryl. A few hours was enough.” They complain about how it’s boring and not that pretty like Prague or Budapest (two cities I adore).

Yet that day in Bratislava, I didn’t want to leave. I yearned to have more time, especially to complete one of my travel bucket list items of eating at the UFO Taste Restaurant.

During my exploration of the city’s Old Town, my favorite landmark was this run-down Gothic styled Franciscan Church. Yes, the facade is crumbling and there are faint remnants of graffiti. But just look at the detailing on the church’s entryway and that black cross! Gorgeous.

I pondered the building’s history and later found out that the church was consecrated in 1297 and that it’s the oldest religious building in Bratislava’s Old Town. Where others would walk past and see nothing but an ugly old church in need of repair, I saw only beauty and felt a strong desire to discover further facts about it’s past.

Right then and there then I wanted more, much much more of this place. Bratislava, I will be back and I will eat at that UFO restaurant of yours!

Have you ever loved a place that others have told you not to bother visiting? Where was it and why was it special for you?

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  1. I love that you appreciated Bratislava for what it is. I haven’t been there but when I lived in the Czech Republic, I lived about 20 miles from the Slovak border and traveled to a few places–I loved them all. And the fact that it’s not a superstar like Prague should make it more charming, right?

  2. @Jenna – Agree. I do love Prague but sometimes I really like these more underrated cities for the exact reason that it’s not so well known.

  3. @Roy – I think you’re right! I hope to spend a weekend there this summer and I can’t wait to get to know the city better. šŸ™‚

  4. Bratislava is a really great place to travel to. I believe its just another country which is under apprecitated. I love your post.

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