Viansa Winery & Vineyards

(Last Updated On: February 27, 2014)

While touring wineries in Sonoma, California on Saturday, we visited a stunning property – Viansa Winery & Vineyards.

A wedding happened to be taking place there that day and preparations were being made by staff to prepare for the event.  I thought how it would be a perfect place to get married – it’s romantic, beautiful, and unique.  Such a departure from the regular church and banquet hall tradition! When I mentioned this to some of the other people in the tour group, a rather cute, funny, older lady (who was also very drunk as we were at our fourth winery) smiled and said “Well, honey, you can always come back here for your third or fourth wedding”.

I immediately started laughing.  Not sure what prompted that response? Perhaps my outward appearance or overall demeanor makes suggests that I have been or would like to be married multiple times? 🙂

Upon further exploration of Viansa’s web site – it seems that getting married in wine country and at their winery is a normal thing. They even have a wedding blog.  How I envy the local residents for having such a  glorious venue to consider. Sigh!

View some of some of my photos below to see why Viansa could be the perfect place for a destination wedding:

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