Weird And Offbeat Museums: Museu De Miniatures in Besalú.

I couldn’t stop giggling when I came across the Museu De Miniatures (Museum of Miniatures) in Besalú, Spain. It may have been the one or two glasses of local wine I’d had along with my paella earlier that afternoon, but I just knew I’d scored one of my most weird and offbeat finds to date.

Set-up up by jeweller and artist Lluís Carreras in 2007, the museum features over 5000 pieces of miniature artwork contributed by artists from around the world.

Museu De Miniatures in Besalú.

Permanent exhibitions span across three rooms while temporary exhibitions are held from time-to-time in another room.

In the first room, you’re invited to introduce yourself to a “Lilliputian world” where you’ll find tiny reproductions of 19th century pharmacies and 20th century hair salons that are actually 12 times smaller than the persons and objects they represent.

Museu De Miniatures in Besalú.

Museu De Miniatures in Besalú.

Museu De Miniatures in Besalú.

Museu De Miniatures in Besalú.

Museu De Miniatures in Besalú.

Museu De Miniatures in Besalú.

Museu De Miniatures in Besalú.

In the second room, you can only see how extraordinary the miniature artwork is by examining it under a magnifying glass.

Museu De Miniatures in Besalú.

Museu De Miniatures in Besalú.

This is when I my laughing fit started as each and every piece was a complete and utter surprise –  imagine my delight when I glimpsed a parasol wielding ant walking along a tightrope!

Museu De Miniatures in Besalú.

Finally in the last room, some of the pieces are 100,000 times smaller than their original – only measuring 1 – 2 mm’s in length! They’re so very small that microscopes had to be designed and adapted uniquely for each of them just so you can see elephants dancing on the point of a needle or a reproduction of the Eiffel Tower on top of a poppy seed.

The artists who so painstakingly offered the world their tiny creations have my utmost respect. Their patience, attention to detail and quirky sense of humor completely won me over. I loved the Museu De Miniatures!

So if you’re in Besalú and want something fun and family friendly to do (or if simply like weird and offbeat museums as I do), this is quite obviously the place to go. General admission for adults is only four euros and children under 8 years of age are free. And if by chance you don’t think you’ll ever make it there, take a virtual tour of the Miniature Museum instead.

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Address: Pl. Prat de St. Pere, 15, 17850 Besalú.

* The visit to the Museu De Miniatures was made possible by Charming Villas.

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  1. This is so unique! It’s amazing what human hands can do no matter how petite these things are they’re still art and are still beautiful! Lilliputian world surely depicts the reality of the 19th century and it’s very cool to see that. Great post!

  2. Such a quirky little place! Not the kind of thing I would’ve expected to find in Besalù. All three rooms were impressive!

  3. @Alexa – Thanks! It was a fun little experience. Each piece was another surprise.

  4. @Stephanie – Seems to be my mission these days. I do have lots of food posts coming up! 🙂

  5. I loved this place too… it could have easily been the wine… I drank so much, but still this place was cute and fun!

  6. @Sherry – It’s definitely quirky but really amazing!

    @Jade – I loved seeing everyone’s reactions as we each looked into the microscopes. And yes, it might have been the wine too. 😉

  7. I am actually bringing my daughter there next week. My husband and I live not too far from Besalú and discovered this Museum last year, it is actually amazing and well worth a visit. Besalú is definitely worth a visit also, it has quirky chairs made of metal hanging out of the side of some buildings.

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