When I was in Havana, Cuba there was only one place I loved more than Plaza de San Francisco. And that was Callejón de Hamel. I went there went Sunday afternoon, to see the striking artwork and listen to a live rumba performances. Tucked away on a street in area of Havana known as Cayo Heuso, it’s one of the best ways to experience authentic Cuban culture and see the preservation of local traditions at a community level.

Art And Rumba Music At Callejón De Hamel In Havana

Callejón de Hamel Havana Art

Afro-Cuban artist Salvador González is responsible for the development of Callejón de Hamel, which is now a “shrine to both santería and the power of artistic vision”.

Callejón de Hamel Havana Art Installation
Callejón de Hamel Havana Bum

The street is a living art installation filled with the artist’s famous murals and various other stylized objects such as bath tubs and totem poles. Visitors can even browse his gallery and purchase artwork of their own at very affordable price.

Callejón De Hamel Post Box
Callejón De Hamel Old Phones

Extra special is Sundays when there are live rumba performances that differ from the more traditional Spanish forms of rumba. Locals and tourists alike gather to watch the dancers and listen to the beats.

Callejón De Hamel Performance
Callejón De Hamel - Totem Pole
Callejón De Hamel Gallery In Havana

The concert is free, but as a tourist you will be asked to offer up a small donation for the pleasure of taking in their unique performance. Don’t let yourself be hustled too many times (they will continually ask you for money every 10-15 minutes), but do give some money to people who live on so little. Especially when you’re taking tons of photos and videos, like me.

Callejón De Hamel - Cheryl Howard In Cuba

While I could say so much more about my delightful Sunday afternoon spent at Callejón de Hamel, I’ll let the photos in this post speak for themselves.

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What do you think about Callejón De Hamel in Havana? Would you go there to check out the art and enjoy some boisterous music? Tell us about it, as well as any other Cuba travel tips, in the comments below.


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