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I'm Cheryl Howard, a longtime traveller who likes weird stuff.

A Canadian from Toronto who’s been living in Berlin for the better part of a decade, I like traveling around Europe and discovering the most offbeat and quirky attractions I can find.

Here on cherylhoward.com I write about unusual places and things and share unique itineraries for various destinations be it a food guide, pointers on where to sleep, what to do, and more.

Destination Guides

Guides to various European destinations.

A Weekend In Budapest
Budapest, Hungary

A Guide To Burano
Burano, Italy

Why You Should Visit Antwerp
Antwerp, Belgium

Unusual Places & Things

Quirky and offbeat attractions.

The Phallic-Looking Brno Astronomical Clock
Brno, Czechia

Literature Street in Vilnius
Vilnius, Lithuania

The Berlin Wall
Reykjavik, Iceland

Best Places To Sleep

Stylish places to stay on your travels, as recommended by cherylhoward.com.

Hotel Rivalago
Sulzano, Italy

The Circus Hotel
Berlin, Germany

The Continent Hotel
Bangkok, Thailand

Dining Guides

Cool places to eat around Europe.

Where To Eat In Tallinn
Tallinn, Estonia 

Where To Eat In Poznan
Poznan, Poland

Where To Eat In Brno
Brno, Czechia 

Everything Germany

Highlights from the country I call home.

A Guide To Warnemünde 
Warnemünde, Germany

Day Trips From Berlin
Berlin, Germany

Hamburg Schanzenviertel
Hamburg, Germany