Amsterdam is definitely one of my favorite European cities. While I may not love it as much as Berlin or Budapest, it’s definitely a very cool city. If I was to ever consider leaving Germany, I’d actually consider relocating to Amsterdam to live and work.

When visiting for a long weekend one December, I tried to discover an alternative side to Amsterdam. I generally avoided the top-rated tourist sites and instead sought out more unusual places, such as a cat sanctuary on a boat and a museum featuring nothing other than cat art.

As I walked through the streets, I soon found myself falling in love with the more traditional aspects of the city too. I suddenly dreamt of having an Amsterdam apartment with a canal view and thought excitingly about how I’d bike to and from work each day alongside the thousands of other enthusiastic cyclists.

First Impressions Of Amsterdam In Pictures

Every city leaves an impression on you. You remember what it felt to be there, what it smelled like, what it looked like. Each and every very impression involves a highly unique personal experience. These photos highlight just some of my personal impressions of Amsterdam.

I’d also highly recommend checking out these beautiful photos of Amsterdam, when the streets are empty of the usual tourist crowds. 

What are your favorite impressions of Amsterdam? Can you recommend any offbeat sites that I should check out when I’m there next?

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