Queen For A Day At Belga Queen Brussels

Belga Queen Brussels

Queen For A Day At Belga Queen Brussels – Estimated reading time: 6 minutes

Since moving to Berlin, I haven’t exactly been the healthiest eater. Many times I skip dinner altogether replacing my nightly meal with a supplement of wine and cigarettes. When I do actually eat, it’s more often than not a frozen pizza or a bag of salt and vinegar chips. Worst of all, I sometimes grab a burger from the McDonalds at Alexanderplatz and eat it while waiting for the M4 tram. I blame it on the busy life of a freelancer, working a lot and not having free time to cook a healthy dinner.

I also blame my financial situation. As a poor writer, I no longer can spend so freely. My new life sees me sleeping on a futon and dealing with an old washing machine that requires me to sit on it each time it’s in the spin cycle. Fortunately, through the miracle of travel blogging I’m sometimes invited on press trips where I can pretend for a few days to live like a queen.

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Queen For A Day At Belga Queen Brussels

Belga Queen Brussels - Historical Building

This happened when I visited Brussels last month and had one of the best meals of my life (seriously!) at Belga Queen, a restaurant where contemporary architecture meets haute cuisine.

Situated in a belle époque styled 18th century building that formerly hosted a hotel and a bank, the owner Antoine Pinto respects the original space leaving the stained glass skylight as the restaurant’s center piece. Intended to be a twist on the traditional brasserie, it’s decorated with modern artwork from local artists.

Belga Queen Brussels - Artwork

Antoine has an interesting background – as a 17 year old refugee, he arrived in Belgium to begin school at the Académie des Beaux-Arts to study architectural interior design. He then financed his post-secondary education by cooking in different restaurants. Over time he came to be known as a top chef opening restaurants in Lisbon, Ghent and of course Brussels.

Belga Queen Brussels - Cigar Lounge

In addition to the restaurant, there’s oyster and beer bars and even a cigar lounge in the former bank vault where a DJ plays each night from Wednesday through Saturday.

The Food At Belga Queen Brussels

Then of course, there’s the food. At Belga Queen, you’ll be taken on a “gastronomic trip through Brussels“. As Antoine is an ambassador for Made in Belgium, all food and drink products are completely local. As expected, they serve up over 30 types of local beers and rather surprisingly, Belgium wine.

The menu is vast and you’ll need time to pour through it’s pages. I opted for one of their suggested menus – the light one, as I’d already overindulged earlier that day on Belgium’s famous frites. The seafood based first and second courses were not only healthy, but delicious!

Belga Queen Brussels - Dessert

Then it was time for my heavenly dessert, a perfect small serving that was light and fruity.


Good to Know

1) While at Belga Queen Brussels, you must, must, must use the bathroom. Don’t ask why and just trust me it’s worth the visit.

2) There’s also a second Belga Queen location in Ghent.

3) This is a restaurant for those who like the finer things in life. So only come here if you’re looking for a decadent dining experience. Starters run from €15-28 and mains from €22-48.

4) Figure out where stay while you’re in Brussels.


5) Get to know Brussels by booking a guided tour.

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*Disclosure – My weekend stay in Brussels was complimentary, courtesy of Belgien Tourismus. This post also contains some affiliate links. If you book a tour or hotel, I’ll earn a tiny commission at no extra cost to you. Thanks for your support.

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  1. Wow, it’s great how you appreciate especially nice weekends like this so much more when your everyday life is such a contrast (not a bad way of life either, a heck of a lot more interesting!). Also love how you specify that your desire to be a queen is your own!

  2. Oh, what a wonderful place! ANd now I feel even more sorry for having missed dinner at the Belga Queen in Ghent because I was in bed with very high fever.

    Well… I like being an optimist and thinking that’s it’s just one of the many reasons to go back to Brussels and Flanders 🙂

  3. @Simon – It’s quite beautiful and the food, soo good! I hope you make it back to one of those places, as it’s definitely worth the $$ to have dinner there. 🙂

  4. Yum! This looks amazing!! We should probably adopt your diet given how expensive food is in Norway but we still spend too much money on food…

  5. @Andrea – I wouldn’t recommend wine and cigarettes nor frozen pizza and chips! I need to find a way to dine on the cheap but in a more healthy fashion. 🙂

    And Belga Queen is a great place to check out should you ever make it to Brussels. Very romantic. 😉

  6. Its weird that some of the best things are in the most unassuming places. I’d pay a little extra just to eat here. Beautiful!

  7. Thanks for sharing the restaurant recommendation love Cheryl! We’re looking into a birthday trip to Brussels and this might just be the perfect setting for a special meal.

  8. Ebe – Thank you so much for reading it! It’s a perfect place to celebrate a birthday. But please – use the bathroom and tell me what you think. 😀

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